Making a Difference for People with MS

Making a Difference for People with MS

Biking For Multiple Sclerosis

By Jennifer Palombo
Enterprise Account Manager, New York

What does it take to get a person motivated? For me all someone has to do is offer a challenge. But what was I thinking when I told my friend I would do the MS 150 ride again this year???
My husband thought I was nuts.

My son Matthew told me, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” He’s 5 years old, I might add.

My sister humbly reminded me,“It’s all about the journey."

So six months post total knee replacement I signed up for the MS 150. Why? I have so many friends afflicted by MS—many forms, symptoms, issues—and they need my help! SO…

It’s Super Mom to the rescue, on a mission to help others while at the same time creating awareness, raising funds and helping rehab from a total knee replacement.

The MS 150 ride taught me how incredible it is when people come together to help others. You meet 88-year-old ladies who ride in high heels and dresses, moms and dads who push their MS stricken children on a tandem or in a bike carrier, coworkers raising funds for a colleague who was recently diagnosed.

For me, it was more than a journey—it was an adventure filled with wonderful people, amazing stories, and an incredible ending. On a picturesque day in a beautiful seaside town with 3500 riders, we raised 5.6 million dollars for our efforts. We can give back to those afflicted and hopefully find a cure. My behind may have been sore and I may have only managed 82.96 miles (one way), but I did something incredible. For one day I made a difference for someone else!