Features Newswire

Features Newswire

Need story ideas? Marketwired can help.

Spend less time searching for stories and more time writing them.
Marketwired’s Features Newswire provides free editorial content that generates leads for seasonal inserts or feature stories.

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Marketwired’s Features Newswire sends you potential stories, so you don’t have to search for them:
  • Tap into a vast new source of story leads.
  • Rely on current and relevant information, directly from the source.
  • Use only what you need.


Marketwired’s Features Newswire gives you content for any occasion, from any industry:
  • Discover fresh story ideas from industries such as technology, leisure, sports, or entertainment
  • Plan ahead for content around holidays, seasons or special events
  • Find opportunities to create unique content for lesser known days like Eco Driving Month or National BBQ month
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