Use our innovative solutions – to create more compelling communication, build relationships, and open up new opportunities.

Distribute: Optimize, publish, track and measure

Increase the reach and impact of your communications with our comprehensive set of tools and services.

Impress: Online newsrooms made easy

Reach your key audiences more effectively and more easily with a discoverable, shareable online newsroom hosted by Marketwired.

Resonate: Reach the right audiences and improve results

Marketwired Resonate is the integrated news release platform for PR, IR and marketing professionals.

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  • Intelligent Content Creation, Targeted Distribution, Powered by Social Media Insights

    • Create content with impact
    • Enjoy one-click distribution
    • Disclose sensitive information securely
    • Measure performance
  • Targeted Global Distribution and One-stop Regulatory Disclosure

    • Create SEO-enhanced, social media-friendly content
    • Edit with help from our expert team
    • Distribute to all your channels
    • Track performance
  • Integrated Content Management and Newsroom Hosting

    • Get direct newswire integration
    • Take advantage of SEO and social media integration
    • Enjoy mobile compatibility at no extra charge
    • Take control of content with the easy-to-use interface
  • Social Media Reporting Customized to Meet Your Business Objectives

    • Get consistent, professionally crafted reports
    • Track mentions, drivers,trends and more
    • Get timely info for strategy and decision-making
    • Save time and resources
  • Fast, Flexible Solution fo Building Media Relationships

    • Access more than 1.2 million media contacts
    • Build stronger media relationships
    • Target your releases more precisely
    • Increase the chances of your news being picked up