Press Release Distribution:

Canadian Distribution Options

Reach newspapers, broadcast outlets, news agencies, websites and trade publications in any or all of Canada’s cities, provinces and territories. Distribution options for French-language news allow for communication in both of Canada’s official languages, and our Canada Newlines have direct access to The Canadian Press Wire and Photo Networks. For publicly traded companies, our disclosure networks meet regulatory compliance in Canada. 

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Canadian Media Networks

  • National Business News Network: Your news reaches the business and news editors of prominent print and broadcast media, as well as trade and consumer publications. This network focuses exclusively on business and financial news, and includes the major news agencies and broadcast networks.
  • National Media Network: Your news reaches all daily newspapers, all television stations and selected major radio stations in every city in Canada with a population of over 50,000, including the major news agencies and broadcast networks in six smaller cities to offer complete national reach. This network focuses on the requirements of any organization having major non-business announcements of national importance.
  • Canadian Specialty Networks: Your content gains expansive reach to industry-specific media covering Automotive, Energy, Entertainment, Food, Health Care, High Tech, Mining and Sports news.
  • Provincial Media Networks: This network includes comprehensive delivery to media in any or all of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories, categorized by media type.
  • Major Canadian Cities: Your news reaches Canada’s ten most populous cities and six others to ensure that the urban core of every province is covered: Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Halifax/Dartmouth, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Regina, Saint John, St John’s, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
  • Canadian Dailies: News is sent to all daily newspapers in Canada with a circulation of over 10,000.
  • All Canada Media: This network includes all media, including newspapers, radio stations, television stations, community weeklies.

Canadian Timely Disclosure Networks

  • Canadian Timely Disclosure: This network provides full compliance with the regulations governing timely disclosure of material news for all stock exchanges and securities commissions in Canada and includes distribution via the AP Mobile newsfeed to millions of BlackBerry and iPhone users.
  • TSX Venture Exchange / CSE Disclosure: Distribution via these networks meets the disclosure requirements of companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) or the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).
  • Enhanced French Language Disclosure: Reaches over 150 Francophone print, radio and television media, as well as online databases.
  • Canadian and US Timely Disclosure: Your news is distributed to the US and Canadian Timely Disclosure networks and satisfies disclosure in both Canada and the US.