IR/PR Newsroom (Impress)

IR/PR Newsroom (Impress)

Reach your key audiences more effectively and more easily with a discoverable, shareable online newsroom, investor center or other sub-site hosted by Marketwired.

Technology has changed the way companies communicate with their key audiences. Your stakeholders – from investors to partners to analysts and journalists – want one convenient place where they can find all the latest news about your organization and have the opportunity to interact with you. How can you create and maintain a discoverable, shareable online newsroom that meets the needs of your stakeholders without burning time and resources? Get Impress from Marketwired.

A turnkey solution from the news distribution experts

Impress provides everything you need to easily set up and maintain a newsroom, investor center or other sub-site that seamlessly integrates with your existing web presence. Whether you're looking for a simple company news page or a site with deep content and interactive features, Impress delivers – offering a wide range of powerful features, custom solutions, and guidance from our expert team.

What sets Impress apart?

Direct newswire integration

Who better to count on for your online newsroom than the company that distributes your news? When you choose Impress from Marketwired, your releases post to your newsroom automatically upon distribution. No third parties needed. No delays. No risk of accidental disclosures.

Easy-to-use interface

Take charge of your content with our intuitive, user-friendly interface. Add new stories, make updates, upload a report – it's quick and easy! There are no delays waiting for a third party to post your content, and your entire team can contribute their creativity.


SEO-friendly platform

Enjoy the convenience of an Impress-hosted site without any loss of visibility. Your newsroom will appear to visitors and search engines alike to be part of your corporate web presence. Impress-created sites consistently deliver superior search results compared to sites created with competitor solutions.

Social media integration

Get more mileage out of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media content by sharing it in your newsroom. Impress does the work for you, automatically updating your newsroom whenever you post to social media.

Mobile compatibility

Give your key stakeholders the convenience of information on the go. Impress creates a fully mobile-compatible site viewable on any device.