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Uncover deeper insights with solutions
powered by the world’s most robust
social media database.

Social media is an indispensable source of business intelligence. The most innovative marketers, advertisers and PR professionals use tools that are "Powered by Sysomos," because it gives them the insights they need to develop strategies, discover opportunities and make smarter business decisions.

When you choose products powered by Sysomos, you have the world's most robust social media database at your fingertips, adding nearly 2 billion social media conversations every 48 hours. Need global coverage? Sysomos powered solutions allow you to tap into information in 186 countries and 189 languages.

Business Impact

The Sysomos Social Intelligence Engine is a catalyst for innovation and value creation. Our clients have discovered countless ways to apply this technology to achieve their business objectives, including:

  • Designing products that give customers what they truly want and need
  • Delivering faster, more responsive customer service
  • Reacting to a crisis in real time - or better yet, head it off before it happens
  • Tapping into industry trends as they're developing, so you're first to the next big thing

Products Powered by Sysomos:


Mine the collective consciousness of the social world for ideas and opportunities. MAP is a research and analytics platform that puts the most robust social media database at your fingertips. With its global data coverage, unmatched processing speed and intuitive platform, MAP, powered by Sysomos, is the industry's most comprehensive social research and analytics solution. Learn more.


What you need to know, when you need it. Heartbeat is a real-time social media monitoring and engagement platform that collects all relevant online conversations so companies can track and measure campaigns, brands and products, and easily identify and build relationships with key influencers. Learn more.

Custom Applications

Enhanced APIs seamlessly integrate the Sysomos intelligence engine with clients' many sources of data.

Top Features

Intuitive Interface

Our tools are renowned for their intuitive design and ease-of-use. Employees across your organization will quickly learn to use MAP and Heartbeat, and start gaining market intelligence right away.

Deep Marketing Insight

Drill down into topics of interest to research product and brand perceptions and conduct in-depth categorical research. Understand the reach of a tweet, a particular topic or keywords that are important to you.

Insightful Influencer Identification

Identify those who are influencers or who speak with authority within your market space. See who’s driving the most important conversations about your brand. Learn all about them, their authority across social channels, and their social footprint.

Geographic and Demographic Data

Get the facts about followers, influencers and anyone else having conversations of interest, including location, age, gender and profession.

Accurate Sentiment Analysis

Instantly discover the tone of important conversations – in multiple languages – and track the impact of your social strategies over time. How are people talking about you? Is it negative, positive or neutral? Dive deep into spikes in conversations on a specific date and find out how people feel about your campaigns.

Spam-free Data

Get accurate interpretation of social media conversations from our proprietary 4-step spam-filtering process that keeps out the "noise" of billions of conversations and ensures clean results. Leveraging Boolean search means that we can eliminate a lot of noise at the offset, so you only see data that is relevant to you.

Customizable Dashboards and Reporting

Set your dashboard to show only the information relevant to your company or campaign. Get detailed reports with attractive graphics that are organized so they're easy to share. Drag and drop what you need into documents, presentations and infographics. Pre-built dashboards are also available and reflect the most common insights (mentions by source, sentiment,share of voice, etc.).

Text Analytics, Trend and Topic Intelligence

Understand the key words or topics that are trending around your search terms to better create content or for crisis management. Get a handle on the topics, events and themes driving key conversations - as well as how they relate to your company, product and brand. Our robust text analytics let you get to the root of relevant conversations or branch out from existing discussions and topics to discover new ones, and better understand the many factors that influence them.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare reach, share of voice and impact of your brand against your competitors. Track it to see how it changes over time and across campaigns. You can also conduct an "owned" and "earned" media analysis and see how your success compares with others.

Real-time Marketing Insight

Don't wait until the end of your marketing campaign to assess results. Heartbeat lets you track campaigns as they unfold so you can see their impact. Armed with real-time intelligence you can make on-the-fly adjustments that can drive more successful outcomes.

Engagement Central

Link multiple social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube, and manage them all from a single place. Send out messages, track conversations, manage approvals, follow/un-follow, and re-tweet without leaving the interface.

Convenient Workflow and Social CRM

Don't wait until the end of your marketing campaign to assess results. Heartbeat lets you track campaigns as they unfold so you can see their impact. Armed with real-time intelligence you can make on-the-fly adjustments that can drive more successful outcomes.