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Uncover deeper insights with solutions
powered by the world’s most robust
social media database.

Social media is an indispensable source of business intelligence. The most innovative marketers, advertisers and PR professionals use tools that are "Powered by Sysomos," because it gives them the insights they need to develop strategies, discover opportunities and make smarter business decisions.

When you choose products powered by Sysomos, you have the world's most robust social media database at your fingertips, adding nearly 2 billion social media conversations every 48 hours. Need global coverage? Sysomos powered solutions allow you to tap into information in 186 countries and 189 languages.

Business Impact

The Sysomos Social Intelligence Engine is a catalyst for innovation and value creation. Our clients have discovered countless ways to apply this technology to achieve their business objectives, including:

  • Designing products that give customers what they truly want and need
  • Delivering faster, more responsive customer service
  • Reacting to a crisis in real time - or better yet, head it off before it happens
  • Tapping into industry trends as they're developing, so you're first to the next big thing

Products Powered by Sysomos:


Mine the collective consciousness of the social world for ideas and opportunities. MAP is a research and analytics platform that puts the most robust social media database at your fingertips. With its global data coverage, unmatched processing speed and intuitive platform, MAP, powered by Sysomos, is the industry's most comprehensive social research and analytics solution.


What you need to know, when you need it. Heartbeat is a real-time social media monitoring and engagement platform that collects all relevant online conversations so companies can track and measure campaigns, brands and products, and easily identify and build relationships with key influencers.