Social Media Reports

Social Media Reports

Get customized, professionally crafted social media analysis without burning resources with our turnkey reporting service.

Understanding how your industry, brand and products are perceived in social media channels is critical to making accurate business decisions. Marketwired Reports gives you these insights.


Get the consistent, professionally crafted reports you need

Marketwired Reports provides custom social media analysis using MAP and Heartbeat. Our experts work with you to set up a report that meets your specific needs, with the ability to analyze any data collected by Sysomos, our social intelligence engine. This includes mentions, drivers, geography, sentiment, competitor mentions, and trends among others. Whether it's for a B2B or B2C company, non-profit organization, or PR or advertising agency, Marketwired Reports delivers the clear, standardized, well-organized information that can help you uncover insights, make better business decisions, and gain an edge over the competition.

Why Marketwired Reports?

Get the information from the experts

Who better to deliver analysis of your social media data than the people who created your social media tools? Our service provides a professional, consistent, standardized report that keeps you up to date on what's happening in the marketplace.

Save time and resources

Committing staff to analyzing social media data can be a drain on resources. With Marketwired Reports, you get the critical information you need when you need it – saving hours of staff time that can be spent on other projects.

Support for strategic decision-making

Marketwired Reports isn't a replacement for strategy – it's a critical resource to aid in strategy development. Our well-organized analysis makes it easier to spot trends, uncover insights and produce results.

Customized for your needs

Whatever you need your report to cover, we can deliver – analyzing any social media conversations captured by our social intelligence engine. Our team of experts works with you to create the right report for you.

Better engine, better data, better results

Marketwired Reports is powered by Sysomos, our innovative social intelligence engine, driving the world's most robust social media database spanning 189 countries and 186 languages.