Marketwired Resonate

Marketwired Resonate is the unified news release platform that makes you smarter, more informed and more confident. That's because you'll know you've crafted the most effective messages and expanded your reach to those who matter most. You'll also capture the measurable impact of your efforts so you can continuously improve results.

Marketwired Resonate weds Marketwired's powerful global distribution platform with today's leading social intelligence engine, Sysomos. It is a fully integrated, easy-to-use platform for content creation, media targeting, distribution, regulatory disclosure, publishing and analysis that gives PR and IR professionals an unprecedented advantage to succeed in today's media landscape.

Marketwired Resonate
  High-impact News Distribution
Reach your target audience while expanding your visibility through Marketwired Resonate's powerful distribution platform. With a few clicks you can simultaneously distribute your news to your custom lists, to the industries and geographic audiences you select, to your social channels, and to your integrated newsroom. Through the same platform you can easily produce XBRL filings and meet SEDAR and EDGAR regulatory disclosure requirements.
  Top-rated Social Intelligence
Marketwired Resonate incorporates data and analytics powered by Sysomos, today's leading social intelligence engine.  Analytics extend beyond traditional reporting to give you in-depth insight about sentiment so you can more closely align your messages with your audience. Engagement metrics capture and identify the people who engage with your content so you can incorporate them into your future outreach efforts.
  All-in-one Integrated Platform
Marketwired Resonate was built from the ground up with client feedback every step of the way, so it's made for the way you work. It's easy to switch between functions while you create content, research media targets, add multimedia assets, select distribution options and review reporting metrics – you have complete control over your workflow at all times. You not only save time, you also increase accuracy and boost effectiveness.
  Scalable and Flexible
Get an integrated communication platform with predictable, extremely competitive, flat-rate pricing. Select pay-as-you-go services or package options for greater savings and take advantage of virtually unlimited online distribution. Plus, with a subscription plan there are no extra costs for the number of words you write or the number of multimedia assets you include. You can also choose self-serve online distribution with or without editorial support.
  Unlimited Support
Take full advantage of our expert consultative services – consider Marketwired as a strategic partner who is here to help you succeed. Our professional onboarding team helps you ramp up quickly and efficiently so you start seeing the benefits of Marketwired Resonate right away. Use as much or as little editorial support as you need. Our client service and editorial teams are available around the clock to work with you.


Create content and add multimedia

Add a hashtag and track the success of
your release

Simultaneously distribute to traditional and
social channels

See who's talking about your release

Marketwired Resonate

Identify and Target
With just a few clicks you can zero in on the audiences most interested in your news – consumers, niche markets, journalists, investors, analysts, social influencers. Select just the right media outlets and industry trades from Marketwired’s powerful distribution platform. Create targeted lists and start building relationships with journalists and bloggers by tapping into a global media database of 1.2 million editorial and influencer contacts.

Create Content
Compose and edit your news releases directly in the platform. Write as many words as you need to – there are no caps on word count. Easily add photos and video to make your messages more impactful – as many as you want at no extra cost. And then store them in the built-in media library for further use. Build the tailored messages and multimedia-rich content that your audience is looking for.

Distribute, Publish and Post
Distribute content securely and simultaneously across the wire to traditional and industry trade media as well as to online sites, your social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) custom email lists, and to your online newsroom. Meet regulatory disclosure requirements, including EDGAR, SEDAR and XBRL filing, with ease. To help ensure quality, you have access to round-the-clock editorial services.

Analyze and Measure
Know who read, shared and interacted with your content online and across social networks with Marketwired Resonate's in-depth post-distribution reporting and social analytics, powered by Sysomos. You'll not only see where your release was delivered and reposted, but you'll also find out who engaged with it and what they said. This is insight you can use to capture the impact of your efforts, determine gaps, improve and succeed.

Marketwired Resonate
Marketwired Resonate

Choose Your Platform
Select from three great packages – Distribute, Social Share and Publish. Each includes a complete, integrated set of tools for content creation, distribution and reporting. With Social Share you can also post your news to your social channels and get basic social analytics. Publish adds an integrated newsroom at a breakthrough price, along with more advanced social analytics.

Select Your Distribution
Options – Pay for releases individually (pay-per-use) or pre-pay for a volume discount

Get Predictable, Flat-rate Subscription
Pricing – There's no variability based on word count or number of multimedia assets. And you get a virtually unlimited number of online releases – free.

Marketwired Resonate
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