MAP:Powered By Sysomos

Mine the collective consciousness of the
social world for ideas and opportunities.

To make the most of social media, you need the right tool for the job. A lot of companies mistakenly attempt to use listening tools to do their research and end up frustrated by the lack of results. The better solution? MAP, powered by Sysomos.

Why Choose Map?

A superior engine searches more data, powering greater market insight

  • Tap into billions of conversations spanning 189 countries and 186 languages powered by MAP's sophisticated data mining and text analytics technology
  • Access MAP's massive, searchable social media database that indexes millions of new conversations every day; it analyzes two years of historical data, in real time, with sentiment and geo-demographic analytics applied in seconds
  • Get the information you need on any topic, in real time right now, thanks to MAP's unmatched capability to process data at the same time it's being collected

Unlimited searches with unlimited results puts the power of discovery at your fingertips

  • Find out what's happening in the entire marketplace rather than simply learning what people are saying about your brand or research topic alone - no limits on the number of searches you perform or volume of data you uncover gives you a wide-angle view
  • Perform real-time, customizable searches with full functionality for ad-hoc queries across the entire database
  • Get the intelligence you need when you need it with MAP's flexible, dynamic search capability and unlimited queries
  • Search broadly across the entire database as well as perform narrow, niche searches; Boolean search functionality gives you the ability to define queries with OR, AND or NOT to surface relevant and critical conversations

Geo-demographic filter let you zero in on specific audiences

  • See where in the world conversations are taking place - right down to the country, state and city level
  • Send the right message to the right audience - you may find that what's popular in one city doesn't resonate with residents of an adjacent city
  • Capture conversations and online profiles by colloquialism - MAP knows that The Big Apple is New York City and Chi-Town is Chicago


Twitter Certified Product

MAP is part of the Twitter Certified Product Program, so you get unparalleled social data access through the Twitter firehose - it's a powerful benefit of MAP.

  • Access every single tweet that flows from Twitter each day through the Twitter firehose
  • Get the best possible information and insights from Twitter conversations
  • Don't miss out on tweets that aren't included in Twitter's random sampling through its search API
  • Acquire hard-to-find Twitter profile information

Top Features

Intuitive Interface

Our tools are renowned for their intuitive design and ease-of-use. Employees across your organization will quickly learn to use MAP and Heartbeat, and start gaining market intelligence right away.

Deep Marketing Insight

Drill down into topics of interest to research product and brand perceptions and conduct in-depth categorical research. Understand the reach of a tweet, a particular topic or keywords that are important to you.

Insightful Influencer Identification

Identify those who are influencers or who speak with authority within your market space. See who’s driving the most important conversations about your brand. Learn all about them, their authority across social channels, and their social footprint.

Geographic and Demographic Data

Get the facts about followers, influencers and anyone else having conversations of interest, including location, age, gender and profession.

Accurate Sentiment Analysis

Instantly discover the tone of important conversations – in multiple languages – and track the impact of your social strategies over time. How are people talking about you? Is it negative, positive or neutral? Dive deep into spikes in conversations on a specific date and find out how people feel about your campaigns.

Spam-free Data

Get accurate interpretation of social media conversations from our proprietary 4-step spam-filtering process that keeps out the "noise" of billions of conversations and ensures clean results. Leveraging Boolean search means that we can eliminate a lot of noise at the offset, so you only see data that is relevant to you.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare reach, share of voice and impact of your brand against your competitors. Track it to see how it changes over time and across campaigns. You can also conduct an "owned" and "earned" media analysis and see how your success compares with others.

Text Analytics, Trend and Topic Intelligence

Understand the key words or topics that are trending around your search terms to better create content or for crisis management. Get a handle on the topics, events and themes driving key conversations - as well as how they relate to your company, product and brand. Our robust text analytics let you get to the root of relevant conversations or branch out from existing discussions and topics to discover new ones, and better understand the many factors that influence them.

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