Disclose material information with confidence, distribute news anywhere around the world, and build relationships with traditional and social media audiences who directly impact your company’s performance.

IR professionals face a slew of challenges in today’s highly regulated, real-time environment. There are strict communications and reporting guidelines, complicated filing processes with tight deadlines, dispersed stakeholders and a world of undiscovered investors. With the impact and influence of social media on investor relations, many IROs feel overwhelmed trying to keep up. Staying on top of every detail, taking full advantage of new technologies and looking for better ways to communicate with investors is no simple feat. How can you meet the day-to-day demands and capitalize on new opportunities? With Marketwired.

The right partner for all your IR needs

Our turnkey solutions for regulatory disclosure and filing help to streamline your processes and keep your sensitive data secure. Our expert assistance gives you confidence knowing that your critical business information is in professional, experienced hands.  We embrace technology and for 30 years have brought the most effective and efficient IR solutions to market.  Safety, security and reliability – it’s why thousands of companies trust Marketwired with their financial communications.

Marketwired offers everything you need to get the job done.

Reach the right people at the right time

Distribute time-sensitive, market-moving news with ease with simultaneous delivery to print and broadcast media, news agencies and regulatory authorities, social media and websites around the world. Share your news with an international audience using our translation services. Control both the appearance and content of your press releases with XHTML formatting. Take advantage of our full range of filing services: EDGAR, SEDAR, XBRL, and UK Regulatory.

Monitor online conversations and engage your audiences

Tap into real-time insights and social media conversations so you’re better able to understand what the market is talking about and where your investors are having their conversations. Put social media insights to work – making sure that you're reaching the right people and sharing the information that is really important to them.

Leave the IR newsroom hosting to us

Give your investors and other stakeholders a robust online newsroom with all the information they need in one place—without complicated administration eating up time and resources. With Marketwired, it's easy to get started and easy to update.

Make your news more impactful with multimedia

Add pictures, video, maps, animations, audio and other extras to your releases to better inform your audience, drive home your message, and pique the interest of media and investors. 
Webcast with ease Bring your message to life and expand its reach with live presentations. Marketwired does the work for you – from setting up your webcast to managing it to posting it online for later viewing.

What sets Marketwired apart?

Social-media savvy

Whether your company is a fast-moving early adopter or brand new to social media, Marketwired has you covered. No other IR partner offers simultaneous distribution of your news through traditional channels and your social media accounts. Rely on us to help you stay on top of best practices, find opportunities to enhance your reputation with online audiences and influential investors, and reap the benefits of social media without taking risks.

Better engine, better data, better results

Marketwired Resonate, our complete, integrated news release platform, is powered by the best-in-class social media intelligence engine, Sysomos, so you can make more informed decisions about your content and campaigns, and more deeply understand and leverage the business impact of your communications.


Safeguarding sensitive information is a critical concern for IR professionals. Marketwired’s multi-step security process helps keep your sensitive information safe before and during news submission as well as protects access to your social media accounts, allowing you to safely add social media as a channel.