Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Put social media to work to reach, engage and influence your audience more efficiently and effectively than traditional marketing.

To make sales companies need to make connections. Consumers are plugged in to a universe of information and opinions, and the most successful marketers are the ones who know how to make their brands feel real, relevant and personal. At Marketwired, our state-of-the-art products, powered by Sysomos, give you the deep social intelligence you need to reach the right people, deliver the right messages, inspire the right influencers, and create brand loyalty that will drive success now and in the future.

Open up new opportunities with solutions
from Marketwired

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

Understand the demographics, sentiment and behavior of your audience, so you can tailor communications that really speak to them. Find the main discussion topics and themes related to your brand to create compelling content that engages and intrigues. Get real-time feedback on campaigns so you can adjust your strategy and maximize performance.

Learn what you don't know

Anyone who is in the business of ideas knows that the best insights often come when you're not even looking for them. Marketwired solutions give you powerful research capabilities and unlimited searches, so you can tap into the entire social media universe, find information that matters to your brand, and put those insights to work to win customers, prospects and influencers.

Expand your influence and build brand loyalty

Solutions from Marketwired help you not only listen to what's happening in social media, but also become part of the conversation. Find the people who are most interested in your brand, products and services and start to build relationships with them. Zero in on key influencers and turn them into brand advocates.

Create and distribute content – easily

Compelling content delivered at the right time to the right people via the right channel is key to your marketing efforts. Marketwired offers an integrated social communications platform that makes it easy to collaborate with your entire team to create content that's infused with social media insights, optimize it so search engines take notice, and distribute it with one click to traditional media channels, your web site, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Why Marketwired?

Better engine, better data, better results

Marketwired solutions are powered by Sysomos, our innovative social intelligence engine, putting at your fingertips the world's most robust social media database, spanning 189 countries and 186 languages.

A social media partner focused on your success

A great tool is a good start, but to really make the most of your social media investment, you need to work with the right partner. At Marketwired, we offer the training, service and expert guidance you need to make every social media dollar pay off.