Turn data into insights, make better recommendations to your clients, and drive smarter business decisions with solutions from Marketwired.

The massive volume of unstructured new data that continually floods social media channels is a treasure trove of information for market researchers. Innovative researchers are increasingly looking to mine and analyze this wealth of social media data – whether it's for marketing, political or product development research. At Marketwired, our state-of-the-art solutions, powered by Sysomos, help you tap into the social media universe and uncover insights that make a difference for your brand, your company or your clients.

Open up new opportunities with solutions
from Marketwired

Make meaning out of mountains of data

The wealth of social media data poses both an opportunity and a challenge. You need to be able to cut through the noise and find the conversations that matter to your research. With Marketwired solutions, you can zero in on the specific information that's relevant to your brand, your company or your clients.

Gain a more complete research picture

Social media research doesn't have to supplant your existing methods – it can complement them. Combining traditional qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis and social media research helps you develop a more complete picture of the marketplace, social beliefs and political opinions, or customer needs and wants. A deeper understanding allows you to uncover insights that matter, make smarter business decisions, and offer better recommendations to your clients.

Learn what you don't know

Anyone who is in the business of ideas knows that the best insights often come when you're not even looking for them. Marketwired solutions give you powerful research capabilities and unlimited searches, so you can tap into the entire social media universe, find information that matters to your brand, your company or your clients, and put those insights to work to create results.

Why Marketwired?

Deep-dive data

Marketwired solutions are powered by Sysomos, our innovative social intelligence engine, putting at your fingertips the world's most robust social media database, spanning 189 countries and 186 languages. A better engine means better data and deeper insights.

The Twitter Certified Partner Program

We're able to take full advantage of the Twitter platform, so we can give you the best possible information and insights from the conversations of over a hundred million active Twitter users. It's a powerful benefit of choosing Marketwired.

A social media partner focused on your success

A great tool is a good start, but to really make the most of your social media investment, you need to work with the right partner. At Marketwired, we offer the training, service and expert guidance you need to make every social media dollar pay off.