Small Business

Small Business

Create more effective communication, build a loyal customer base, promote products and services, and generate publicity – without a big investment of time or money.

Most small business owners don't just wear many hats – they wear every hat. From marketing to website development to PR, odds are you do it all. Marketwired can help take some of the burden off your shoulders with our array of affordable, easy-to-use solutions. Whether it's driving traffic to your website, getting out the word about promotions, or raising your company's public profile, we partner with you to help you grow and differentiate your business from the competition.

Open up new opportunities with solutions
from Marketwired

Identify and reach the right audience

A small company has limited resources for marketing and publicity. Make the most of your efforts by zeroing in on the right targets. With Marketwired solutions, you can find the people who are talking about your company, products, services and industry. So you can connect with them, start creating relationships, and build a loyal customer case. Make contact with members of the media who have the most interest in your news and increase the chances that your story will be picked up. 

Communicate more effectively

Compelling content is a great way to spur interest in your company, attract new customers, and turn fans into advocates. Marketwired solutions give you all the tools you need to hit the mark with your audience:
  • Make search engines take notice of your news with SEO
  • Infuse social media insight into every communication
  • Distribute your press releases to social media, your website, and the wire with a single click
  • Measure the effectiveness of your efforts so you can fine-tune your strategies

Do more with fewer resources

Working with Marketwired is like adding an extra pair of hands to your staff. We can host an online newsroom for you – creating one centralized place where customers, prospects and the media can find all the latest news about your company. Our editorial team works with you to make sure your message comes through loud and clear, providing proofreading, quality assurance and translation services.


Why Marketwired?

Better engine, better data, better results

Marketwired Resonate, our complete, integrated news release platform, is powered by the best-in-class social media intelligence engine, Sysomos, so you can make more informed decisions about your content and campaigns, and more deeply understand and leverage the business impact of your communications.

A social media partner focused on your success

A great tool is a good start, but to really make the most of your social media investment, you need to work with the right partner. At Marketwired, we offer the training, service and expert guidance you need to make every social media dollar pay off.

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