Chuze Fitness Presents $1 Enrollment Fee Special

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 10, 2014) - Chuze Fitness is excited to announce a new promotion that reduces the enrollment fee on new gym memberships down to one dollar. Beginning today on Monday, March 10, 2014, you can sign up for either a basic or premium membership at Chuze Fitness and avoid the standard enrollment fee. This deal applies for all Chuze Fitness locations except for Garden Grove.

A twelve-month term applies to the membership and the enrollment fees are discounted to $1, with monthly billing to a checking account & routing number. The deal amounts to a savings of up to $48. The promotion lasts from March 10th until April 11th, so prospective members have plenty of time to tour their local location's facilities and come to a decision by early April.

Chuze Fitness is a gym that flips the idea of paying a high price for access to a high quality gym on its head. Chuze frowns upon grunting, slamming weights and other distracting gym behavior and instead promotes a new concept to its members. The top priorities are a high degree of cleanliness and a neighborly attitude to make gym goers feel welcome, all at an affordable price.

Memberships start at $9.99 per month and premium memberships costs $19.99, which also includes classes, tanning, Hydromassage, guest privileges, and access to all locations.

Kris Peterson, an owner of Chuze Fitness, said about the $1 promotion "We are excited to offer one of our best deals of the year! The discounted enrollment fee of $1 can help prospective members get started with little out of pocket expenses to enjoy the great service and beautiful facilities that we offer. Whether the reason being that you haven't been able to get started on your resolution yet, looking forward to Spring & Summer, or just want to make a change from your current facility, we are excited to welcome many new members to the Chuze family!"

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There is no better time to Chuze Fitness!

Chuze Fitness is a leading fitness center with locations throughout Southern California and Tucson, AZ. Chuze prides itself as being a clean gym at a great value without the intimidation factor of major commercial gyms. Started in Carlsbad, CA, the gyms boast a large selection of classes, personal training, yoga, tanning facilities, and Hydromassage for members. Finding a fitness center with the ideal combination of a relaxed attitude without distractions at a low price point is a difficult task, which Chuze addresses directly.

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