Zubie Launches Connected Car Solution in Best Buy Stores Nationwide

Consumer Offering Makes Driving Safer and Less Expensive

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - Zubie, a leading company in the emerging connected car space, announced it will be launching its solution for purchase at Best Buy stores beginning in early November. Just in time for the holiday season, Best Buy customers can turn their cars into "connected cars" and transform the driving experience for themselves and family.

The solution uses a device, the Zubie Key, which plugs into the OBD-II diagnostic port built into vehicles made in 1996 or later. Using its AlwaysSmart™ technology, the Zubie Key connects with a national cellular connection to a smartphone app to monitor driving behavior, vehicle location, engine health and more. The new retail offering comes at a time when driver demand for monitoring car safety and diagnostics using "connected car" technology is at an all-time high. According to a 2013 forecast from GSMA, a global association of wireless carriers, every car will have some sort of connection by 2025, with the market for technology to connect cars expected to reach $54 billion by 2017.

In 2012, Best Buy product executives began executing on their vision to create a comprehensive connected car device and founded GreenLight Connectivity Solutions, which later became Zubie. The goal: to develop a solution that offered the auto industry and consumers a tool to make driving and maintaining vehicle health easier, safer, and less expensive. And since March 2014, the core Zubie solution has also been integrated into Best Buy's service fleet, including its Geek Squad technical support vehicles.

"Our longstanding relationship with Best Buy has been very important to Zubie. Before Zubie became an independent company, we started as an idea in Best Buy's New Products group. We later became the connected car solution that Best Buy's Geek Squad uses to help manage their fleet of vehicles," said Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie. "Now, we are excited to be a featured product in Best Buy's Automotive Section. We look forward to continuing our work with Best Buy as we innovate together in the connected car category."

About Zubie
Zubie is a connected car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for consumers and businesses. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, SC, with operational offices in the Minneapolis area.

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