20/20 Imaging Announces FDA Approval of Digital X-Ray System

First Anatomically Programmed X-Ray System for the Podiatry Market Also Brings Higher-Frequency With the Potential for Lower Dose

GARNER, NC--(Marketwired - Feb 4, 2015) - 20/20 Imaging, a leader in small market imaging with nearly 4,500 installations across the country, announced the FDA approval of its HF PXS-710 digital x-ray system. Targeted more specifically to the podiatry market, this higher-frequency system offers the potential for lower dose with advanced imaging capabilities that enable lower technique for lower radiation while producing high image quality and detail. The system is also the first anatomically programmed digital x-ray system for podiatry, providing proper x-ray technique at the push of button.

"Like any medical specialist, podiatrists have unique needs and exams specific to their practice, and so we are glad to bring a completely interfaced digital x-ray system to the podiatry market that is designed specifically for their needs," stated Bob Salzman, president, 20/20 Imaging. "This is just one example of our growing and innovative product line in the marketplace, combining ease of use with high image quality at lower doses. Seeing more with less."

With each podiatry x-ray technique anatomically pre-programmed, the 20/20 Imaging's HF PXS-710 digital x-ray system saves time, assures accuracy, and further enhances efficiency by enabling exams to be selected at the technologist workstation instead of at the device. With one click in the software, the operator is assured of both the correct anatomical x-ray technique and data processing. The step of selecting x-ray technique from an x-ray control box is eliminated.

For more information about the HF PXS-710 digital x-ray system, visit www.2020imaging.net.

About 20/20 Imaging: 20/20 Imaging is a value added reseller of Healthcare IT, including digital imaging solutions tailored for the private practice market space, specializing in podiatry and chiropractic. Utilizing its broad Healthcare IT and imaging expertise and new economical DR, CR and PACS solutions, 20/20 Imaging provides comprehensive digital imaging & IT solutions and services to a large variety of small to medium size clinical specialties.

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