Ubiquitech Software Corps Division HempLifeToday.com to Offer a New Proprietary Blend of CBD Oil Exclusive to the HempLifeToday.com CannazALL Brand at a More Popular Entry Level Price Point

Encino, California, UNITED STATES

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2015) - Ubiquitech Software, Inc. (www.ubiquitechsoftware.com) (OTC PINK: UBQU), an International Technology and Services company, that also owns the division HempLifeToday.com, is now in development of a new CBD Oil that will be exclusive to HempLifeToday.com and its CannazALL™ brand that will fill an important price point at under $100. This entry level product is intended to help more consumers experience the potential benefits of the CannazALL™ brand and will be available on the HempLifeToday.com Website in May 2015.

Announces CannazALL™ 20% High CBD Oil

This new domestically grown CBD oil will be sold under the trademarked CannazALL™ brand exclusive to HempLifeToday.com, and will be available as a 20% High CBD Oil delivered in an easy-to-measure and dose oral syringe containing 1 gram of CBD. HempLifeToday.com is developing this new 20% CBD oil as an easier entry level option to introduce its CBD products to a greater audience.

"With the addition of this new 20% CBD oil we now have a proprietary product at an important entry level price of under $100," said Tim Zorn, CEO of HempLifeToday.com. "This gives us the marketing edge because we'll be offering a superior domestically grown CBD oil at a more affordable price that you can't get anywhere else. This just means more people can potentially benefit from our products and greater sales revenues for HempLife Today."

CannazALL TM CBD Oil

HempLife Today currently offers its own 24% and 30% CBD oils, as well as a popular peppermint flavored tincture, and Vape oil all under the brand name CannazALL TM ... and, because of its price point the new 20% CBD oil will be a strong strategic offering that will reach an ever growing segment of new CBD users.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and research as well as users report incredible health benefits from CBD oil therapy on a daily basis. CBD oil from hemp has been shown to aid in the relief of many ailments as it feeds the Endocannabinoid system which helps the body to ward off and fight disease. HempLifeToday.com has experienced significant and consistent growth in the 1st quarter of 2015 due to the popularity of its CannazALL™ CBD oils.

"The CBD business is growing at an exponential rate," says fitness expert and CEO of HempLifeToday.com Tim Zorn. "And with only an estimated 5% of the public knowing what CBD is and how it can help with so many health issues, our revenues will only continue to climb as more people become aware."

Multi-billion dollar hemp industry

With the addition of this new domestically grown CBD oil, it's current CBD products, and the CBD products that are in development HempLifeToday.com seeks to control the largest segment of the burgeoning multi-billion dollar hemp industry... especially the CBD oil market.

"Making more people aware of CBD oil and its incredible benefits is the job of Ubiquitech," adds James Ballas CEO of Ubiquitech and BCMG. "Increasing awareness means increased sales, and at a lower cost CPA as that awareness grows. We're thrilled when stations like CNN run their popular documentaries like "Weed" because it gets the word out about CBD and all the positive research. Never before have we marketed a product that was this positive and with so much help from the media, it's great!"

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