ZAF Energy Systems to Showcase Next-Generation Zinc-Air Battery Technology at CAFE Foundation's Electric Aircraft Symposium

ZAF's Zinc-Air Chemistry Produces Twice the Energy Density at Half the Weight and Less Than a Fourth of the Cost of Lithium-Ion; Zinc-Air Is Safe and Environmentally Benign, More Technically and Economically Viable Than Lithium-Ion

Coumbia Falls, Montana, UNITED STATES

COLUMBIA FALLS, MT--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2015) - ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (ZAF), the developer of next-generation battery technologies, will be showcasing their proprietary technologies at the 9th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium (EAS IX) on Friday, May 1st in Sonoma County, California which will host leading experts in the industry. Dr. Zach Favors, currently a research scientist at ZAF, will address the conference covering sustainable advanced technologies in battery chemistries for electric aircraft.

ZAF's zinc technology can double the travel distance of electric aircraft compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. ZAF's zinc-air battery yields twice the energy density of lithium-ion at less than a fourth of the cost, making them smaller, lighter and less expensive.

ZAF's batteries can be used for applications ranging from consumer electronics and wearables to EVs, electric planes and energy storage. ZAF's patented design has high inherent conductivity, strength and flexibility, reducing the necessary amount of material used in manufacturing and reducing conductive additives which increase the weight and reduce efficiency in today's conventional battery technology. ZAF's proprietary solid polymer electrolyte significantly increases the number of recharges and enables a wide range of form factors.

The materials used to produce ZAF's zinc-air battery cells are globally abundant and inexpensive which lower production costs, resulting in a battery that is significantly less expensive than current lithium-ion technologies. They are manufactured using materials that are environmentally benign, making them safe, recyclable and landfill compatible.

"The aerospace industry is a great place to apply our technology because we can drastically increase travel distance for electric aircraft with a chemistry that is both safe and more robust than the current standard," said Bill Burger, CEO of ZAF Energy Systems. "This is a viable and immediate application for our batteries, but the technology easily and logically crosses over to anywhere lithium-ion is used such as cell phones, laptops and EVs, dramatically increasing battery capacity and performance."

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ZAF Energy Systems develops and commercializes next-generation battery technologies. ZAF employs the most talented and accomplished battery experts leading the company on a credible path to commercialization. ZAF's team also includes industry-leading consultants and advisors who have extensive industrial, National Laboratory, and university battery experience from the fields of communications, renewable energy, electric vehicles and the military.

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ZAF Energy Systems' zinc-air battery can double travel distance of electric aircraft.