Integrated Listening Systems' Sensory Therapy Effective With Learning Difficulties

"Over a Three-Month Period, Students Completed 40 Hours of iLs and Saw 3 Months to 2+ Years of Gains in Math and Reading" According to the Data

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), a provider of multi-sensory programs and products for improving brain function and emotional regulation, today announced that data on 44 students at the Highlands Ranch, Colorado Sylvan Learning Center were collected to measure the effect of the iLs program on students with learning difficulties. Results showed that on average, students' math and reading scores improved by approximately 1.2 years after the 40-hour iLs program. Over a three-month period, students completed 40 hours of iLs programming and saw 3 months to 2+ years of gains.

The 44 students, ranging from 3rd - 12th grade, were assessed before and after their iLs program prior to beginning any Sylvan exercises. The three assessments included the Sylvan STAR Math and Reading Assessments as well as the iLs Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA). The MFA is an iLs online assessment which looks at symptoms related to the categories of Balance, Sensory, Social/Emotional, Auditory/Language and Organization/Attention/Cognition. Gains noted were Auditory/Language (48%) and Organization, Attention & Cognitive (53%), Motor Skills (37%) and Sensory (34%). STAR Math and STAR Reading scores increased by an average of slightly over 1.2 years after the 3-month iLs program.

The iLs Program combines listening to acoustically processed music through specialized headphones while simultaneously doing balance, movement and visual activities. Forty 1-hour sessions were completed through a combination of in-clinic and at-home sessions. Parents and Sylvan staff communicated program progress through online tracking, allowing for continuity of the program.

"I use iLs prior to beginning the Sylvan exercises because it effectively improves sub-cortical processing in a way which cognitive-based programs, like Sylvan, cannot. Once those students have completed iLs and their processing skills are up to par, the Sylvan program is all the more effective," said Ann Smith, iLs Associate and owner of the Highlands Ranch Sylvan Center. "It's wonderful to see the consistent gains in academics, but the behavioral changes reflected by the MFA results are also very powerful, especially to the parents."

"The data garnered at Sylvan reinforces what we see clinically with students of all ages: that iLs can help prep the brain to be more receptive to educational programs such as tutoring and Sylvan," said Ron Minson, M.D., Clinical Director at iLs. "iLs improves the ability to learn, and then the academic program helps the student catch up to their appropriate level. The MFA scores are interesting in that they show how improved processing leads to increased self-confidence and, eventually, to better social skills and overall behavior."


About Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
iLs provides a multisensory program for improving brain function and emotional regulation while training the brain to process sensory information. iLs equipment utilizes sound therapy based on advanced psychoacoustics and takes it to a new level of efficacy by combining it with visual and balance activities that are performed while listening. iLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system and is successfully applied to a wide variety of conditions, including those related to emotional and behavioral regulation, sensory processing, communication and social skills including Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. iLs Programs may be applied for learning skills (building skills which enable success in school), performance optimization, psychological/emotional applications and rehabilitation (recovering energy and skills related to language, movement and cognitive function after a stroke or head injury).

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