Infogroup Media Solutions and Lotame Partnership Delivers High-Quality Data to Target Niche Audiences

Dual Solution Brings Increased Precision and Accuracy to Online Targeting

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 11, 2016) - Lotame, the universal cross-device data management platform humanizing the consumer decision journey, today announced its partnership with Infogroup Media Solutions, the leading provider of customer-driven business and consumer data solutions. This partnership launches Infogroup Media Solutions Audience Xchange powered by Lotame. Through the Audience Xchange, marketers and advertisers can share, monetize and leverage vertical-specific audiences across all activation channels.

Infogroup Media Solutions collects and unifies data covering 25+ million North American businesses and 80+ million business professionals. Infogroup demographic, intent, lifestyle, behavioral, political, donor and transactional data on 250 million individuals originates from online and offline publishers, brands, cooperative (second-party) databases and other third-party sources. This new partnership gives brands, agencies and publishers access to more than 700 B2B and B2C, donor, and political vertical-specific audiences.

"We are excited to offer marketers access to never-before-seen audience segments that will lead to more precise targeting across advertising channels," said Andy Monfried, Lotame CEO. "The ability to reach these niche targets will drive more meaningful results and truly deliver on the promise of data-driven, programmatic advertising."

Brands seeking specific audiences based on political affiliations, for example, can now go beyond voter registration data into political donations and cadence with Infogroup data. Donations made by a consumer to an environmental cause can suggest to a marketer that a consumer likely leans toward liberal political views. This same sort of targeting extends across categories and can help all B2C marketers successfully reach their audiences.

"We selected Lotame as our trusted partner because of their impeccable reputation and insight into the data," said Michael Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO of Infogroup. "With Lotame, Infogroup Media Solutions bridges the gap between online and offline marketing to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, irrespective of channel."

Infogroup Media Solutions Audience Xchange customers can leverage their own first-party data, shared second-party data or any of the 700+ professional or consumer behaviors available to gain insights and develop look- and act-alike models to improve campaign performance and customer acquisition. Customers and partners will also have the opportunity to share or monetize their own data anonymously leveraging the Audience Xchange.

"Lotame is an important Infogroup Media Solutions partner providing significant value for our clients," said Eric Shaffer, Director of Advanced Solutions at Infogroup. "This partnership unlocks the power of our client's offline and online data along with the hundreds of other second- and third-party behaviors we manage to enable insights and drive effective performance driven campaigns."

By combining data, analytics, technology and expertise, Lotame and Infogroup Media Solutions unify traditional and digital channels to power performance-driven marketing and advertising solutions.

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About Lotame
Lotame is the universal cross-device data management platform that is humanizing the consumer decision journey by empowering enterprises to deliver more relevant content, products, and services. Through the Lotame platform, brands, agencies, and publishers can learn more about their most valuable audiences, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute on targeted ad campaigns and content strategies. Lotame unifies and enriches the world's data to provide clients with a more meaningful relationship with their customers, increasing commerce and brand loyalty. The company is based in New York City with offices in Maryland, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Sydney, Australia.

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Infogroup Media Solutions empowers business, consumer, and nonprofit marketing professionals. Through our innovative data sets, media management, analytics, brokerage services and marketing solutions, we help lower the cost to acquire new revenue and hold on to current customers. For more information on our data-driven solutions, visit or contact us at 1.800.223.2194.

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