Sonic Announces Continued Expansion of Gigabit Fiber Network in San Francisco Metro Area

Sonic, the largest independent internet service provider in California, expands its Gigabit Fiber offering to The Mission, The Castro, Noe Valley and other neighborhoods in San Francisco

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 1, 2017) -  Sonic, the largest independent internet service provider in CA, has announced it will be expanding its San Francisco Gigabit Fiber internet service to include The Mission District and surrounding neighborhoods. The build-out will begin in the southern portion of The Mission and expand to the surrounding communities of Noe Valley, The Castro, Dolores Heights, Glen Park, Potrero Hill, and Sunnyside in the coming months. Residents can check service availability and order today at

With this rollout, Sonic will offer unlimited, uncapped Gigabit Fiber internet plus international home phone service starting at $40 per month. Now residents and businesses in these neighborhoods will have access to Gigabit, or 1000Mbps, Fiber internet connectivity, which is 50 times faster than the average broadband speed in America. Gigabit speeds provide incredibly fast downloads, seamless video chatting, improved online collaboration and a flawless streaming experience.

"The Internet is the backbone of modern society and a key enabler of innovation and freedom, and it's more important than ever that customers have choices," said Dane Jasper, co-founder and CEO of Sonic. "Sonic has long believed that access to fast, affordable internet is a basic right and our continued expansion in the Bay Area shows our commitment to making this a reality."

The current state of the industry -- with changing FCC regulations and a lack of competition in the market -- highlights the importance of this expansion. Despite the challenges faced by independent ISPs, Sonic continues to grow and expand its presence throughout California, doubling down on its Fiber offerings in particular. Additionally, while privacy becomes more and more of a topic of interest for consumers, Sonic remains dedicated to protecting its customers' privacy, consistently receiving the highest privacy ratings from the EFF.

Sonic is already being used by businesses like the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Uber, and Glassdoor who depend on its ability to scale -- but it's also used by individuals like John, who simply need dependable internet connectivity for their home. John says, "Now that we have Sonic internet, we can do what we want, when we want. There's no one fighting for the bandwidth."

To order Sonic Gigabit Fiber service, please visit or call 1-888-766-4233

About Sonic
Sonic is the largest independent internet service provider in Northern California, and has extensive experience operating Gigabit Fiber networks. Businesses like the Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, Uber, Lagunitas, Glassdoor and others already depend on Sonic for fast, affordable internet. For more information about Sonic, please contact Nectar PR at 415-399-0181 or email