Asic Land Co. Ltd Licenses Andes Technology Corp. N1337 with Single-Precision Floating-Point Unit for Voice Recognition Application

The N1337 1-GHz Clock Delivering 2.05 DMIPS/MHz Plus Floating-Point Unit Serves Asic Land's Compute Intensive Voice Recognition Application


HSINCHU, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - October 31, 2017) - Andes Technology Corporation (TWSE: 6533), the leading Asia-based supplier of small, low-power, high performance 32/64-bit embedded CPU cores, today announced that Asic Land Co. Ltd, a leading Korean ASIC design services company, has designed the Andes N1337 CPU with single-precision floating-point unit (FPU) IP into a system on chip targeting voice recognition applications. The N1337's 1-GHZ clock that delivers 2.05 DMIPS/MHz of performance combines with a single-precision floating-point unit to enable Asic Land's SoC a competitive advantage in the rapidly developing market for voice recognition capability in a range of consumer electronics from smart phones to digital home assistants.

"Andes CPU and FPU, along with the software development tool chain, have provided a productivity boost to our design effort," said James Lee, President of Asic Land. "Being able to respond quickly to a rapidly developing market trend is a must for a design service company. Capability such as voice recognition built into mobile phones is creating increasing demand for adding this functionality onto other devices, such as the voice-controlled speaker. This market appeared almost out of nowhere. We appreciate partners like Andes who understands the fast-paced requirements of our business and can provide solutions that help make us more productive and competitive."

"We are proud that Asic Land has chosen our N1337 CPU core and single-precision floating-point unit coprocessor to add voice recognition capability into their SoC design," said Andes President Frankwell Jyh-Ming Lin. "The FPU coprocessor provides the N1337 with floating-point calculation power to perform a wide range of computations typical in voice recognition applications, such as computing Gaussian mixture model-based hidden Markov models to model a spectral representation of a sound wave and the sequential structure of speech signals."

Emerging Voice Controlled Speaker Market
According to a research report from eMarketer, This year, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated device at least once per month, the firm estimates a 128.9 percent increase over 2016. (The company is not counting voice assistants on smartphones in this part of its forecast - only those digital assistants on standalone voice-enabled speakers.) eMarketer defines a voice-enabled speaker as a standalone device whose core functionality is a voice-enabled digital assistant, such as devices currently found in homes that enable voice queries to the Internet.

About the N13 Processor IP
The Andes Technology N13 processor is a high-performance CPU core architected for compute intensive applications running either on an operating systems or a binary code. The N13 is designed to serve the demanding requirements of application processors in SoCs for consumer electronics such as HDTVs, home media servers, cable and over-the-top set top boxes, as well as SoCs for the switches and routers delivering content to these devices. Complete with Memory Management Unit, the N13 easily runs complex applications on Linux. The N13's 8-stage pipeline and clock rate over 1 GHz, contributes to impressive performance of 2.05 DMIPS/MHz. Furthermore, the N13 AndesCore™ supports the latest AndeStar™ V3 architecture, which is accompanied with a highly-optimized compiler, feature-rich IDE, popular open-source and commercial RTOS'es, Linux, middleware, and platform development IPs. The N13's strength plus its ecosystem provide designers with the competitive edge for success in their embedded system solutions.

About Asic Land Co. Ltd
Incorporated on April. 2016 in Suwon, Korea, Asic Land Co., Ltd. is a leading ASIC/SoC design service provider. The company provides optimized ASIC/SoC design services, from C level design, RTL level design to implementation service that combine optimal process technology and IP to meet customer's specifications. Asic Land's organization provides turnkey services from ASIC/SoC service to foundry, package, and testing vendors, and SoC platform board development. The company has strong long-term partnerships with foundry companies in Korea, Taiwan, and China to focus on developing and supplying custom semiconductors (ASICs) that supply system semiconductor products to meet customer needs. Asic Land has provided design services and mass production in applications that include mobile devices, digital TV, DSRC, communication and network, and IoT products. Asic Land will focus on high end service can be continuously meet customer expectation and satisfaction. For more information about Asic Land, please visit

About Andes
Andes Technology Corporation was founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 2005 to develop innovative high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit processor cores and associated development environment to serve worldwide rapidly growing embedded system applications. The company delivers the best super low power CPU cores with integrated development environment and associated software and hardware solutions for efficient SoC design.

To meet the demanding requirements of today's electronic devices, Andes Technology delivers configurable software/hardware IP and scalable platforms to respond to customers' needs for quality products and faster time-to-market. Andes Technology's comprehensive CPU includes entry-level, mid-range, high-end, extensible and security families to address the full range of embedded electronics products, especially for connected, smart and green applications.

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