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April 22, 2015 12:01 ET

Winnipeg's Viscount Gort Hotel is Celebrating Earth Day 2015 by Going Green

The Viscount Gort Hotel Banquet & Conference Centre will join the EcoStay™ Program May 1st

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwired - April 22, 2015) - Observing Earth Day is nothing new for Winnipeg's Viscount Gort Hotel, however this year they wanted to do something bigger than just a one day event. To honour Earth Day 2015, Viscount Gort Hotel is taking action against climate change and joining the EcoStay™ program. As of May 1st your visit to Viscount Gort Hotel will be a little greener. On April 22nd 2015, the Viscount Gort Hotel made the decision to officially join the EcoStay™ program. EcoStay™ is a national initiative that helps hotels measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting.

"We're very excited to be part of the EcoStay™ program," said Christopher Dubberley, General Manager of Viscount Gort Hotel. "It's a meaningful and effective way of demonstrating our concern for the environment." Dubberley believes joining a program like EcoStay™ is an excellent way to reduce the hotel's Carbon Footprint. "We know that the Tourism industry is one of the leading causes of Green House Gas emissions, taking part in EcoStay™ is just good business sense. The traveler of 2015 is much more eco-conscious than those of later years, it's time hotels start responding and making Green business a priority," said Dubberley.

Under the program, hotel guests at Viscount Gort Hotel will have the opportunity to contribute two dollars per night to help make their stay carbon neutral. Funds will be used to purchase carbon offsets in support of emission-reducing projects across the country such as renewable energy, agriculture and recycling - balancing the impact from the hotel's operations, and making each hotel night completely 'carbon neutral'.

The guest's contribution completely offsets the impact or their stay, and more. Carbon offsets are supplied by LivClean, a top ranked retailer by the David Suzuki Pembina. All LivClean EcoStay Carbon Offset Projects are listed on the CSA Group's GHG CleanProjects™ Registry ensuring ISO 14064-2 reporting and independent ISO 14064-3 verification. In addition, each offset tonne is uniquely serialized by CSA Group to ensure proper retirement and avoid double counting. The use of a public registry such as GHG CleanProjects™ Registry is an important step for transparency and ease of access for users to review and confirm the ongoing tracking of the LivClean EcoStay Projects.

The program also supports on-site environmental upgrades and renovations. The hotel has already made many eco-friendly upgrades, including low flow shower heads and a linen re-use program in. With the additional support offered through the EcoStay™ Program, they are planning to install lighting efficiency technologies such as dimmers and motion sensors and donate left-over amenities, all in an effort to further reduce the hotel's impact. A typical 150 room Canadian hotel can produce three tonnes of greenhouses gases each day. That's the same as driving 200 cars, heating and lighting 100 homes or taking 5,000 airplane flights. Guests at Viscount Gort Hotel can rest assured that their stay is helping to significantly reduce these emissions.

Measuring and reporting the hotels progress is an important step too. Viscount Gort Hotel Banquet & Conference Centre will now use Green Hotels Global, the internationally recognized online dashboard and benchmarking tool that follows the new Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI 1.1) of the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council.

"EcoStay™ is a terrific program and it addresses the ecological concerns of today's traveler." Mr. Dubberley continued, "Taking part in the EcoStay™ program is just one of the ways we are letting guests know that we share their concerns about the environment and that we're doing something about it."

"We're very proud of the EcoStay™ program, and the hotels who have embraced it," said Christina deVries, President of EcoStay™. "These hotels are leaders in environmental consciousness and responsibility. They aren't just talking about reducing green house gases - they're doing it."

Details of Viscount Gort Hotel's carbon footprint, in-house initiatives and carbon offset purchases are available on-line at

EcoStay Program supports Hotels across North America in their effort to take action against climate change. Through the purchase of carbon offsets, hotels support emission-reducing projects across the country - making each guest's stay completely carbon neutral and good for the planet! The program also helps hotels make on-site energy efficiency and environmental improvement and measure their progress at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. More info at

The Viscount Gort Hotel is an independently owned property that prides itself in its customer service with six styles of guest rooms & suites to choose from. Whether you are a business traveler or vacationing with the family-we have the right room for you. Ideally located in the heart of Winnipeg, the Viscount Gort is just minutes from the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and across the street from Polo Park, the largest shopping mall in Manitoba. We are also less than a 10 minutes from downtown, as well as Assiniboine Park and Zoo. Also check out the new The Canadian Museum for Human Rights only 15 minutes away.

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