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Point Inside, Inc.

November 17, 2015 08:00 ET

Point Inside Announces StoreBoost™, a Cloud Service Enabling Retailers to Monetize Their Mobile Search and Autocomplete Capabilities by Influencing a Brand's Search Result Position

New Retail Content Boosting Solution Creates Revenue Streams for Retailers by Delivering Store-Specific, National and Local Advertising Opportunities to Their Mobile Platforms

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - November 17, 2015) - Point Inside, a leading provider of digital in-store product location solutions for top retailers, today announced the launch of its StoreBoost™ service for mobile keyword search and autocomplete. StoreBoost enables retailers to promote relevant products and brands to shoppers using the retailer's branded mobile apps and mobile web. This significant update to Point Inside's StoreMode™ platform enables retailers to boost a particular product or brand to the top result position in response to a mobile search query. The StoreBoost service is also available during autocomplete search, allowing a retailer to pair a boosted suggestion with a related term in the search type-ahead field.

"Shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices for inspiration, discovery, planning and saving during visits to physical retail stores," said Mike McMurray, SVP Marketing and Business Operations at Point Inside. "Now, when shoppers research terms like 'toothpaste' in a retailer's mobile app or on the mobile web, the retailer can boost suggested results alongside relevant organic search results. This experience can benefit shoppers by introducing them to brands, specific products or offers they might not otherwise consider, and enables brands to build awareness and engagement for new or existing products."

Creating New, Localized Monetization Opportunities for Retailers

StoreBoost offers a new opportunity for retailers to promote and monetize the fast-growing audience of shoppers using their smartphones in store. The new service can also be used to promote retailers' private labels and internal marketing campaigns. The StoreBoost service can be easily integrated into the mobile store search experience, offering a value-added, relevant experience for shoppers, and a targeted engagement opportunity for brands.

StoreBoost enables retailers to offer contextual, store-focused promotions to national, regional and local brands. The service is integrated into Point Inside's store-specific store search and autocomplete, with results optimized for relevance and product availability at each store location.

Features of Content Boosting Include:

  • Retailer Ownership - StoreBoost is delivered as a service that retailers integrate into their branded mobile apps and mobile web. Retailers own the end shopper experience and are able to control if and how those results are presented to shoppers. By limiting the amount of boosted results that appear alongside organic product results, retailers can ensure shoppers have a consistent and positive experience when searching for items.
  • Keyword-Driven Brand Promotion - Retailers can offer brands the ability to purchase category-specific and product-specific keywords that will be boosted within the retailer's mobile search and autocomplete results.
  • Location-Based Targeting - Point Inside's StoreBoost service is based on a store-specific understanding of products and brands, so brands can target keywords, products, and the locations where they want to engage shoppers on mobile.
  • Integrated User Experience - Retailers can seamlessly enable StoreBoost within their StoreMode implementation without affecting the shopper experience since boosted search items are integrated directly into the existing mobile search and autocomplete results.
  • Analytics and Reporting -The service includes engagement reporting so that the retailer and brands are able to monitor the frequency of when results are boosted and the impact on engagement with boosted products.
  • Integration with Point Inside's StoreMode Platform - StoreBoost is integrated into Point Inside's StoreMode platform, offering an enhanced digital store experience for mobile shoppers, including interactive maps, store search, recommendation, routing and location-based deals.

"Search is a key part of a shopper's inspiration and discovery process," said Point Inside CEO Josh Marti. "Boosted search not only benefits retailers, but also guarantees brands targeted and prominent placement for their products. Point Inside provides retailers with technologies that bridge the digital and physical retail divide by providing a portfolio of valuable services that can be integrated into a retailer's mobile app and mobile web. As a retail cloud solutions provider, we help retailers answer their shoppers' two most important questions, 'Do you have it?' and 'Where can I find it?' With our new boosting technology, shoppers can now discover new and popular products and deals while they are in-store or as they plan their shopping trips."

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