March 14, 2016 11:00 ET

ONOS Releases Falcon Continuing Momentum to Transform Service Provider Networks With SDN and NFV

ONOS' Community Grows Rapidly, Supporting a Breadth of CORD Solutions to Be Shown at ONS2016

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - March 14, 2016) - Open Networking Summit - The ONOS community today announced the availability of its latest software release, Falcon. As a leading open source SDN Network Operating System for Service Providers, the new release features additional support for Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD), many new applications and more support for southbound protocols.

ONOS allows partners, collaborators and individuals to build real SDN and NFV products and solutions. Continuing a quarterly cadence, this is the 6th release since the ONOS project became public in December 2014.

The ONOS community continues rapid growth with the addition of more than a dozen new collaborators joining the project since the beginning of the year. The key area for new collaborators has been helping with the broadening role of Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD), which now has PoCs being developed for the mobile and enterprise domains, as well as the residential domain demonstrated in summer 2015. Leading service providers like SK Telecom, Verizon, China Unicom, and NTT Communications are driving the CORD PoCs.

With this release, ONOS is now a part of the OPNFV distribution called Brahmaputra, thanks to the efforts of Huawei who developed OpenStack Neutron ML2/L3 interfaces/features, VTN, Service Function Chaining, OVSDB and Installers' Plugin. The company also drove required functionality and integration tests to meet each milestone in the OPNFV project life cycle. In addition, ONOS continues to be a key component of ONF's Atrium distribution, and Falcon will be integrated with the most recent ONF Atrium 2016/A distribution through the ONOS project's collaboration with the ONF.

Other notable contributions include the following:

  • Continued expansion of the REN networks including new network support with NCTU Taiwan, GÉANT Europe, KREONET Korea, AARNET Australia, AmLight South America.
  • Troubleshooting applications from FNLab/BUPT china.
  • OSPF southbound protocol support from Huawei and Cognizant and a SNMP southbound provider from BTI.
  • New GUI views including the driver matrix view and the application view.
  • New northbound reservation capabilities from Fujitsu
  • Dynamic cluster scaling support.

The full list of ONOS features provided in the Falcon release can be found here.

"ONOS has rapidly evolved to become a platform for service providers to monetize SDN and NFV, while helping vendors and service providers alike to create SDN and NFV solutions leveraging open source and invent new business models," said Bill Snow, vice president of engineering at ON.Lab. "The ONOS project continues rapid innovation and delivery with quarterly releases, and the capability of each release continues to improve with accelerating participation of the community. It is really exciting to see the new PoCs. Our goal has always been to methodically move the use case ideas from concept to trial and then into production."

Maintaining a rapid quarterly cadence of new iterations has been highly effective for ONOS' open source software development. Adding new features and capabilities is the goal of the virtuous-cycle to deliver platforms that enable solutions and use cases, enriching the platform through feedback from the community. Testament to the strength of the ONOS architecture and its ability to enable real SDN and NFV solutions, the number of collaborators and contributions to ONOS from organizations and people outside of ON.Lab continues to grow.

ONOS' growing list of collaborators that joined in the Falcon release includes: Akamai, ATTO research, Cavium, Cobham wireless, CORSA, Edgecore Networks, Flextronics, IEEE, NEC/NetCracker, Noviflow, Oplink Communications, Politecnico Di Torino, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra.

"With ONOS now a part of OPNFV Brahmaputra release, the industry has a carrier-grade SDN controller option within Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) in NFV infrastructure," said Patrick Liu, manager at Huawei. "With OPNFV's developer-centric and lab-ready open source environment, we expect to see more and more NFV applications/solutions come to market. Easy to build and integrated with ONOS-enabled VIM, these applications can also quickly verified and tested within ONOS-installed OPNFV Open Labs in the world."

"To upgrade KREONET cost-effectively and meet the high availability required by advanced science communities and their research networks, KREONET, the national research network in Korea, is aggressively deploying a nation-wide SD-WAN network based on ONOS," said Dr. Hyoungwoo Park, director of KREONET Center in KISTI. "We are strengthening ONOS partnership. KREONET creates new value for users, while testing high-level SDN user service such as fine-granule control and monitoring of their own virtual network."

"Cavium is excited to participate with ON.Lab on the M-CORD project to virtualize and disaggregate 3GPP compliant mobile infrastructure, using ONOS/XOS-based SDN and service orchestration," said Raj Singh, general manager of Wireless Broadband Group at Cavium. "5G deployments will require denser, smarter networks and agile service deployment at the mobile network edge using SDN and NFV."

About the ONOS project

ONOS is the open source SDN networking operating system for Service Provider networks architected for high performance, scale and availability. The ONOS ecosystem comprises ON.Lab and organizations that are funding and contributing to the ONOS initiative. These include AT&T, NTT Communications, SK Telecom, China Unicom, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, Intel, NEC and Nokia. See the full list of members, including ONOS' collaborators, and learn how you can get involved with ONOS at

ONOS is an independently funded software project at The Linux Foundation that harnesses the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

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