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July 21, 2016 15:41 ET

Alacura Launches Groundbreaking Healthcare Benefits Management Solution Specializing in Medical Transportation

Streamlining Care Access: Medical Transportation and Benefits Management

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - July 21, 2016) - Alacura, the nation's first comprehensive medical transportation benefits management (MTBM) company, is pioneering a new healthcare management industry focused on medical transportation. Alacura is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with operations in Scottsdale, AZ and is a medical transportation network that reaches across the U.S. and internationally.

In an industry that has virtually no central core of coordination, Alacura is the first and only MTBM company with the largest air transportation network in the U.S. The company is positioned to revolutionize management of the medical transportation industry by creating end-to-end coordination between transportation providers, health plans and patients, while driving down the cost of medical transportation for both patients and healthcare payors.

"Medical transportation is extremely expensive and fragmented but does not have to be," said David Boone, Alacura's CEO. "Alacura provides expert management of transportation services to improve the medical transportation experience for patients, streamline coordination and services for health plans and create logistical efficiencies for transportation providers, while reducing costs throughout the system."

Boone explained that with Alacura, payors benefit from lower costs and reliable quality services for their members, patients have access to quality transportation, and providers can grow their business with increased access to transports. This is a win-win-win for the entire industry. One critical element is the elimination of balance billing when members work with Alacura. There have been countless news articles written about the devastating bills that consumers have received from providers that are out of network, and the member's insurance company does not pay the entire bill. As the leading MTBM, Alacura is positioned to coordinate the end-to-end logistics of the industry and create efficiencies for transportation providers. Providers that are part of the Alacura network can reduce the need to heavily invest in demand generation, minimize repositioning costs, and create certainty of collections that eliminates the need for revenue cycle management.

The aging baby boomer population, combined with Medicaid expansion and a health services trend toward care at centers of excellence, is dramatically impacting the need for quality, affordable non-emergent medical transportation services. Often, the need for this type of medical transportation comes at a very difficult time in a patient's or family's life. Alacura takes the stress and burden off of the patient by streamlining the acquisition and coordination of medical transportation. Alacura is responding to that unique opportunity by creating a new model for medical transportation and benefits management that leads to better business, better process and better care for healthcare payors, providers and patients alike.

About Alacura

Alacura is the first and only medical transportation benefits management company dedicated to simplifying bedside-to-bedside non-emergent medical transportation for patients. Alacura manages the nation's largest fixed-wing transportation provider network ready to help patients 24/7/365 with one-call-does-it-all convenient, personal service. Alacura seeks to improve financial, operational and clinical performance for healthcare payers and administrators, their member patients, and transportation providers. For more information, please visit

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