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September 06, 2017 16:56 ET

Sheldon ​​Levy ​​Appointed ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​CEO ​​to ​​Accelerate ​​Canadian ​​Entrepreneurship

Former ​​Ryerson ​​President ​​will ​​join ​​national ​​non-profit ​​in ​​new ​​role ​​on ​​October ​​30th

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - September 06, 2017) - ​​​Today ​​​NEXT ​​Canada​, ​​a ​​national ​​non-profit ​​focused ​​on fostering ​​the ​​next ​​generation ​​of ​​high-impact ​​Canadian ​​entrepreneurs, ​​announced ​​that ​​Sheldon Levy ​​will ​​be ​​joining ​​the ​​organization ​​as ​​CEO ​​on ​​October ​​30th. ​​Mr. ​​Levy ​​is ​​currently ​​the ​​Deputy Minister ​​of ​​Advanced ​​Education ​​and ​​Skills ​​Development, ​​and ​​previously ​​served ​​as ​​President and ​​Vice ​​Chancellor ​​of ​​Ryerson ​​University, ​​where ​​he ​​spearheaded ​​the ​​launch ​​of ​​the ​​Ryerson Digital ​​Media ​​Zone. ​​Mr. ​​Levy ​​is ​​a ​​recognized ​​leader ​​in ​​education ​​and ​​innovation, ​​and ​​was named ​​one ​​of ​​Canada's ​​50 ​​most ​​influential ​​people ​​in ​​business ​​by ​Canadian​​ ​​Business​. ​​In ​​his new ​​role ​​at ​​NEXT ​​Canada, ​​Mr. ​​Levy ​​will ​​oversee ​​its ​​three ​​programs ​​for ​​entrepreneurs -​​- ​​Next ​​36, Next ​​Founders ​​and ​​NextAI ​​-- ​​and ​​will ​​continue ​​to ​​further ​​the ​​organization's ​​goal ​​of ​​providing education, ​​mentorship, ​​and ​​capital ​​to ​​entrepreneurs ​​in ​​Canada ​​and ​​around ​​the ​​world.

"I've ​​always ​​believed ​​that ​​innovation, ​​entrepreneurship, ​​and ​​technology ​​are ​​the ​​future ​​of ​​the Canadian ​​economy, ​​and ​​the ​​best ​​way ​​to ​​ensure ​​prosperity ​​for ​​all ​​Canadians," ​​Mr. ​​Levy ​​said. "NEXT ​​Canada ​​has ​​the ​​potential ​​to ​​become ​​one ​​of ​​the ​​most ​​important ​​entrepreneurial organizations ​​in ​​the ​​country, ​​and ​​I'm ​​excited ​​to ​​join ​​to ​​further ​​expand ​​on ​​their ​​impressive ​​team and ​​track ​​record, ​​and ​​to ​​continue ​​with ​​their ​​mission ​​of ​​founder ​​development."

Mr. ​​Levy ​​will ​​be ​​taking ​​over ​​from ​​Interim ​​CEO ​​Andrea ​​Matheson, ​​who ​​joined ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​in 2016 ​​and ​​will ​​remain ​​a ​​Senior ​​Advisor ​​to ​​NEXT's ​​Board ​​of ​​Directors, ​​and ​​will ​​also ​​lead ​several​​ key ​​initiatives ​​for ​​NEXT's ​​female ​​founders. ​​The ​​appointment ​​was ​​handled ​​by ​​the ​​CEO ​​search committee ​​on ​​behalf ​​of ​​the ​​Board ​​of ​​Directors. ​​The ​​board ​​is ​​extremely ​​grateful ​​for ​​Ms. Matheson's ​​leadership ​​over ​​the ​​past ​​year, ​​during ​​which ​​time ​​she ​​oversaw ​​the ​​launch ​​of ​​NextAI in ​​2016, ​​a ​​program ​​that ​​focuses ​​on ​​building ​​commercially-viable ​​artificial ​​intelligence ​​ventures. NextAI ​​is ​​one ​​of ​​NEXT's ​​three ​​signature ​​programs ​​for ​​entrepreneurs, ​​and ​​joins ​​the ​​foundational program ​​​Next ​​36​, ​​which ​​is ​​geared ​​towards ​​young ​​founders ​​of ​​early ​​stage ​​businesses, ​​and ​Next​​ Founders​, ​​which ​​focuses ​​on ​​founder ​​development ​​for ​​existing ​​startups ​​with ​​significant ​​traction.

Each ​​of ​​the ​​programs ​​equips ​​participants ​​with ​​the ​​tools, ​​education, ​​mentorship ​​and ​​network they ​​need ​​to ​​successfully ​​build ​​and ​​grow ​​a ​​company. ​​Since ​​launching ​​in ​​2010, ​​over ​​300 entrepreneurs ​​have ​​participated ​​in ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​programs, ​​with ​​over ​​80 ​​companies ​​launched, who ​​have ​​gone ​​on ​​to ​​collectively ​​raise ​​over ​​$250 ​​million ​​in ​​funding, ​​and ​​create ​​over ​​800 ​​jobs.

Today ​​the ​​organization ​​is ​​also ​​welcoming ​​new ​​board ​​members ​Jacqui Allard​​, ​​Senior ​​Vice President ​​and ​​Head ​​of ​​Strategy, ​​Performance, ​​and ​​Marketing ​​for ​​Personal ​​& ​​Commercial Banking ​​at ​​RBC, ​​and ​​​Catherine Lacavera​​​, ​​Director ​​of ​​IP, ​​Litigation, ​​and ​​Employment ​​at ​​Google Inc.

"We ​​are ​​thrilled ​​that ​​Sheldon ​​is ​​joining ​​as ​​CEO ​​of ​​NEXT ​​Canada. ​​Sheldon ​​has ​​the ​​vision, ​​the experience, ​​and ​​the ​​credibility ​​to ​​dramatically ​​enhance ​​our ​​ability ​​to ​​move ​​the ​​needle ​​on Canadian ​​prosperity ​​in ​​the ​​years ​​ahead," ​​said ​​John ​​Kelleher, ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​Co-Chair ​​and McKinsey ​​& ​​Company ​​partner. ​​"Our ​​ambition ​​has ​​always ​​been ​​to ​​be ​​one ​​of ​​the ​​top entrepreneurial ​​development ​​programs ​​in ​​the ​​world, ​​and ​​with ​​Sheldon ​​at ​​the ​​helm ​​we ​​will achieve ​​this ​​goal."

Applications ​​for ​​the ​​2018 ​​cohort ​​of ​​Next ​​36 ​​are ​​now ​​open ​​and ​​available ​online​​​. ​​Applications ​​for the ​​2018 ​​cohort ​​of ​​NextAI ​​will ​​open ​​September ​​20, ​​and ​​applications ​​for ​​the ​​next ​​cohort ​​of ​​Next Founders ​​will ​​open ​​in ​​early ​​2018. ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​is ​​supported ​​by ​​the ​​generous ​​donations ​​of business ​​leaders ​​across ​​the ​​country ​​as ​​well ​​as ​​National ​​Partners ​​including ​​EY, ​​Osler ​​Harcourt ​​& Hoskin ​​LLP, ​​and ​​Power ​​Corporation ​​of ​​Canada, ​​and ​​the ​​NextAI ​​program ​​is ​​supported ​​by founding ​​partners ​​BDC ​​Capital, ​​Magna, ​​RBC, ​​and ​​Scotiabank. ​​The ​​organization ​​also ​​has ​​a community ​​of ​​over ​​400 ​​academic ​​instructors, ​​advisors, ​​mentors, ​​and ​​business ​​leaders ​​who provide ​​support ​​to ​​the ​​program ​​participants.

"NEXT's ​​programs ​​aim ​​to ​​inspire, ​​mentor, ​​and ​​build ​​the ​​next ​​generation ​​of ​​Canadian entrepreneurs ​​who ​​will ​​create ​​some ​​of ​​the ​​most ​​valuable ​​and ​​important ​​businesses ​​on ​​the planet," ​​said ​​Anthony ​​Lacavera, ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​Co-Chair ​​and ​​Founder ​​and ​​Chairman ​​of Globalive. ​​"Moving ​​forward ​​you ​​are ​​going ​​to ​​see ​​a ​​lot ​​of ​​ambitious ​​and ​​exciting ​​announcements from ​​NEXT. ​​Under ​​Sheldon's ​​leadership, ​​NEXT ​​will ​​be ​​at ​​the ​​centre ​​of ​​Canada's ​​dynamic technology ​​ecosystem, ​​and ​​we ​​look ​​forward ​​to ​​collaborating ​​with ​​other ​​entrepreneurship organizations ​​to ​​raise ​​the ​​profile ​​of ​​Canadian ​​entrepreneurs ​​around ​​the ​​world."

About ​​NEXT ​​Canada

NEXT ​​Canada ​​is ​​a ​​national ​​nonprofit ​​focused ​​on ​​increasing ​​national ​​prosperity ​​through innovation ​​and ​​entrepreneurship. ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​was ​​formerly ​​known ​​as ​​The ​​Next ​​36, ​​a program ​​founded ​​in ​​2010 ​​by ​​a ​​group ​​of ​​entrepreneurs, ​​business ​​leaders ​​and ​​academics. ​​The co-founders ​​of ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​are ​​Ajay ​​Agrawal, ​​the ​​Academic ​​Director ​​at ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​and the ​​Peter ​​Munk ​​Professor ​​of ​​Entrepreneurship ​​at ​​Rotman ​​School ​​of ​​Management; ​​Claudia Hepburn, ​​CEO ​​of ​​Immigrant ​​Access ​​Fund Canada​​ and ​​former ​​NEXT ​​Executive ​​Director; ​​Tim ​​Hodgson, Managing ​​Partner ​​at ​​Alignvest ​​Management ​​Corp., ​​and ​​Reza ​​Satchu, ​​Founding ​​Chairman ​​of NEXT ​​Canada ​​and ​​Managing ​​Partner, ​​Alignvest ​​Management ​​Corp.

With ​​a ​​strong ​​belief ​​in ​​founder ​​development, ​​NEXT ​​Canada ​​uses ​​a ​​blend ​​of ​​mentorship, education ​​and ​​networking ​​that ​​inspires ​​driven ​​Canadians ​​to ​​disrupt ​​industries ​​and ​​build ​​globally relevant ​​companies.

Sheldon ​​Levy ​​Biography

Sheldon ​​Levy ​​was ​​appointed ​​Deputy ​​Minister ​​of ​​the ​​Ontario ​​Ministry ​​of Advanced ​​Education ​​and ​​Skills ​​Development ​​on ​​December ​​1, ​​2015. ​​His responsibilities ​​encompass ​​a ​​significant ​​portfolio ​​that ​​supports ​​Ontario's economy. ​​Under ​​his ​​leadership, ​​the ​​ministry ​​delivers ​​both ​​employment and ​​training ​​programs ​​that ​​meet ​​the ​​changing ​​needs ​​of ​​the ​​province's labour ​​market, ​​and ​​a ​​high-quality, ​​accessible ​​postsecondary ​​education system ​​that ​​is ​​globally ​​competitive. ​​The ​​work ​​of ​​this ​​ministry ​​drives ​​the innovation ​​that ​​is ​​vital ​​to ​​Ontario's ​​prosperity.

Prior ​​to ​​this ​​appointment, ​​Sheldon ​​served ​​as ​​President ​​and ​​Vice ​​Chancellor ​​of ​​Ryerson University ​​since ​​2005. ​​Former ​​positions ​​include ​​President, ​​Sheridan ​​College; ​​Vice ​​President Finance ​​and ​​Strategy, ​​University ​​of ​​Ontario ​​Institute ​​of ​​Technology; ​​Vice ​​President Governmental ​​and ​​Institutional ​​Relations, ​​University ​​of ​​Toronto; ​​and ​​Vice ​​President ​​Institutional Affairs, ​​York ​​University.

Sheldon ​​has ​​been ​​recognized ​​for ​​championing ​​an ​​entrepreneurial ​​education ​​model ​​achieving global ​​status ​​with ​​the ​​Ryerson ​​Digital ​​Media ​​Zone ​​in ​​Toronto, ​​and ​​an ​​international ​​network including ​​partnership ​​start-up ​​incubators ​​in ​​India ​​and ​​South ​​Africa. ​​He ​​has ​​been ​​dedicated ​​to academic ​​mission ​​in ​​the ​​full ​​range ​​of ​​programs ​​and ​​research, ​​a ​​focus ​​on ​​student ​​engagement and ​​success, ​​and ​​the ​​core ​​values ​​of ​​diversity, ​​equity ​​and ​​inclusion ​​as ​​fundamental ​​to ​​Ryerson University's ​​vibrant ​​culture.

He ​​was ​​awarded ​​a ​​BSc, ​​MA, ​​and ​​Doctor ​​of ​​Laws ​​honoris ​​causa ​​by ​​York ​​University, ​​and ​​lectured in ​​computer ​​science ​​and ​​mathematics. ​​He ​​has ​​been ​​recognized ​​among ​​"The ​​Power ​​50 ​​Most Influential ​​in ​​Canadian ​​Business ​​Today" ​​(Canadian ​​Business) ​​and ​​"The ​​50 ​​Most ​​Influential" (Toronto ​​Life). ​​Recent ​​distinctions ​​include ​​the ​​2014 ​​People ​​for ​​Education ​​Egerton ​​Ryerson Award ​​for ​​Dedication ​​to ​​Public ​​Education, ​​the ​​2014 ​​Canadian ​​Urban ​​Institute ​​David ​​Crombie Award, ​​and ​​the ​​2013 ​​Toronto ​​Region ​​Board ​​of ​​Trade ​​Builder ​​Award.

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