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October 11, 2007 22:02 ET

/ CORRECTION - Imagine Sports Predicts 2007 MLB League Championship Winners

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 11, 2007) - In the news release, "Imagine Sports Predicts 2007 MLB League Championship Winners," issued earlier today by Imagine Sports, we are advised by the company that the "OVERALL Likelihood of the Red Sox Winning" should read "58.2%" rather than "41.8%," and that the "OVERALL Likelihood of the Indians Winning" should read "41.8%" rather than "58.2%," as originally issued. Complete corrected text follows.

Imagine Sports Predicts 2007 MLB League Championship Winners

League Champions Picked Using Leading Baseball Simulation Software

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --(October 11, 2007) - Imagine Sports® Inc., a leading sports simulation game developer, today announced predictions for Major League Baseball's League Championship Series. Employing their state-of-the-art, Diamond Mind simulation engine, Imagine Sports ran each game of the League Championship Series 1,000 times to ensure the most accurate results possible.

In their predictions, the Colorado Rockies win 693 of 1000 series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, continuing their Cinderella run to their first World Series. Matt Holliday, Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe all had a big series, helping their team post an average of 4.79 runs per game, compared to the Diamondbacks' 3.98.

Likelihood of the Rockies Winning:

--  In 4 Games: 12.1%
--  In 5 Games: 18.9%
--  In 6 Games: 19.2%
--  In 7 Games: 19.1%

OVERALL: 69.3%

Likelihood of the Diamondbacks Winning:

--  In 4 Games: 2.3%
--  In 5 Games: 7.2%
--  In 6 Games: 10.4%
--  In 7 Games: 10.8%

OVERALL: 30.7%

If the Colorado Rockies win Game 1 of the NLCS, their chances of winning the entire Series jump to a staggering 84.6%. If the Arizona Diamondbacks win Game 1, however, their chances of winning the series improve to 45.0%.

In the ALCS, Boston is still a strong favorite to win, especially if they are able to take game one from the Indians. In fact, if the Red Sox are able to steal game one from Sabathia, their probability of winning the series will rise to an amazing 72.5%!

Likelihood of the Red Sox Winning:

--  In 4 Games: 7.6%
--  In 5 Games: 14.8%
--  In 6 Games: 17.3%
--  In 7 Games: 18.5%

OVERALL: 58.2%

Likelihood of the Indians Winning:

--  In 4 Games: 4.9%
--  In 5 Games: 10.1%
--  In 6 Games: 13.6%
--  In 7 Games: 13.2%

OVERALL: 41.8%

The Red Sox were led by David Ortiz, who averaged .318 (with a .423 OBP) over our 1,000 series simulations, while simulations suggest that the other key to Boston's success was by keeping Travis Hafner in check, as he only managed a .227 average overall. For more detailed data on these predictions, series MVPs and in-depth player performance breakdowns, please contact Michael Parlapiano at Kohnke Communications.

About Diamond Mind

Diamond Mind utilizes an advanced, highly accurate simulation engine that has been developed and refined over the course of 20 years by renowned baseball statistician, Tom Tippett. The engine is so advanced that it has been used by ESPN to conduct simulations throughout the MLB season.

Editor's Note: Projections and ratings for each player were updated based on their regular season performances, and while playoff rosters have not yet been finalized, Imagine Sports used their best judgment in selecting each team's starting rotations, batting orders, bullpen and bench roles. All lineup selections take into account players carrying an injury into the postseason, however Imagine Sports did not attempt to simulate the degree to which such an injury might hamper the player, except to the extent that it already was reflected in his regular season performance.

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