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September 04, 2007 13:19 ET

/ CORRECTION - Alzheimer's Therapeutics Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - September 4, 2007) - In the news release, "Alzheimer's Therapeutics Reviewed by NeuroInvestment," issued earlier today by NeuroInvestment, we are advised by the company that the email address included in the contact information of the release should read rather than as originally issued. Complete corrected text follows.

Alzheimer's Therapeutics Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA -- September 4, 2007 -- NI Research has released the September issue of NeuroInvestment, which reviews the current status and prospects of treatments for Alzheimer's, the disorder whose burgeoning patient population threatens to overwhelm our health care system within the next two decades unless effective therapeutics are developed. One recent estimate is that delaying the onset of Alzheimer's by five years would save the American health system almost $4 trillion by mid-century. Current drug options offer only temporary improvement for a minority of patients.

This review assesses the current state of the science regarding the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's, including contributory factors such as amyloid, tau, cholesterol, oxidants, and inflammation. The main body of the review asesses coming generations of treatments for Alzheimer's, including numerous approaches to amyloid pathology, tau, metal chelation, neuroprotection, and others. Companies whose programs are in this review include:

Abbott, Accera, AC Immune, Allon Therapeutics, American Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals, Armagen, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ceregene, CoMentis, Cortex Pharmaceuticals, D-Pharm, Elan, Elbion, EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, Epix, Evotec, GlaxoSmithKline, Hunter-Fleming, Intellect Neuroscience, Key Neurotek, Kinexis, Lilly, Lundbeck, Medeia Therapeutics, Memory Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Myriad Genetics, Neuro-Hitech, Neurochem, Novartis, NsGene, Ono, Pfizer, Prana, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, Senexis, Synosia Therapeutics, Targacept (NASDAQ: TRGT), Torrey Pines Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TPTX), Transition Therapeutics, UCB Pharma, Voyager, and Wyeth.

The September issue of NeuroInvestment also takes a close look at such topics as Neurochem's dilemma in the wake of Phase III failure; the intelligent partnering template established by Targacept and GSK, and the underpinnings of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals. There is also a focus review of Cortex Pharmaceuticals (AMEX: COR).

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