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April 22, 2008 16:25 ET

/ CORRECTION - Barack Obama Has Most Online Video Viewers Among Presidential Candidates, According to Nielsen Online

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 22, 2008) - In the news release, "Barack Obama Has Most Online Video Viewers Among Presidential Candidates, According to Nielsen Online," issued earlier today by The Nielsen Company, we are advised by the company that "Table 3: Top 10 Brands by Video Streams for March 2008 (U.S., Home and Work)" has changed. Complete corrected text follows.

Barack Obama Has Most Online Video Viewers Among Presidential Candidates, According to Nielsen Online

Minimal Viewer Overlap Between the Candidates Suggests Video Content Attracts Decided Voters

NEW YORK, NY -- April 22, 2008 -- Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, today announced that among presidential candidates, Senator Barack Obama's Web site had the most unique viewers of video content in March, with 518,000. Senator Hillary Clinton had 351,000 unique viewers and Senator John McCain had 38,000 (see Table 1). The findings were released with the March 2008 VideoCensus figures, which indicated continued growth in the consumption of online video.

Table 1: Presidential Candidate Web Sites ranked by Unique Viewers of Video
Content in March 2008 (U.S., Home and Work)

                        Unique Viewers       Total Video         Time Spent
Candidate Web Site      (000)                Streams (000)       per Viewer
                        --------------       -------------       ----------
Barack Obama                       518                 828           16 min
Hillary For President              351                 551          4.8 min                      38                  66          1.5 min

Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus

Minimal Viewer Overlap between Audiences

Only one percent of viewers watched video content on both Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's Web sites in March. Across all candidate sites, including John McCain's, there was virtually no overlap. The findings suggest that campaign Web site videos are attracting loyal viewers who are not necessarily researching all three candidates.

"This reinforces a clear trend toward candidates using the Web as a rallying point for their base -- as a place to disseminate talking points and to gather contributions," said Jon Gibs, vice president, media analytics for Nielsen Online. "Undecided voters seem to understand this and appear to be going elsewhere -- including online destinations such as CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times, as well as less official channels such as YouTube to gather broader information and view video content."

March's Topline VideoCensus Metrics

Table 2: Overall Online Video Consumption for January - March 2008 (U.S.,
Home and Work)
                        Jan-08               Feb-08               Mar-08
                        ---------            ---------            ---------
Unique Viewers (000)      116,745              115,799              115,366
Total Streams (000)     5,987,475            6,333,326            6,967,963
Streams per Viewer           51.3                 54.7                 60.4
Time per Viewer (min)       124.4                130.7                137.3

Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus

Table 3: Top 10 Brands by Video Streams for March 2008 (U.S., Home and

                                                         Total     Unique
                                                        Streams    Viewers
Video Brand                                              (000)      (000)
                                                        --------- ---------
  1.  YouTube                                           3,646,076    69,604
  2.  Fox Interactive Media                               332,708    19,801
  3.  Yahoo!                                              265,912    22,532
  4.  Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network                 187,646     6,256
  5.  MSN/Windows Live                                    170,850    10,521
  6.  ESPN                                                114,631     6,103
  7.  Disney Online                                        90,130     7,671
  8.  Turner Entertainment New Media Network               89,795     6,348
  9.  CNN Digital Network                                  82,525     5,515
  10. Google                                               74,826    14,095

Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus

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