November 14, 2006 13:34 ET

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TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- In the news release, "NEC and Sun Microsystems Expand Alliance in HPC Solution Business," issued earlier today by NEC Corporation ("NEC") (NASDAQ: NIPNY), we are advised by the company that the headline should instead read "NEC Expands Alliance With Sun Microsystems in HPC Solution Business." Additionally, there should be a trademark symbol after Sun Fire™ in the first paragraph. Also, the second paragraph after the third bullet should read "Those new steps in the strategic alliance of NEC and Sun in the HPC area are part of the original framework of their agreement announced in April 2005" rather than "In April, 2005, NEC and Sun announced an agreement to expand the strategic alliance between the two firms in the area of new system solutions and technology development. This strategic alliance in the HPC area is a part of the above agreement" as originally issued. Complete corrected text follows.

NEC Expands Alliance With Sun Microsystems in HPC Solution Business

TOKYO -- November 14, 2006 -- NEC Corporation ("NEC") today announced that Sun Microsystems ("Sun") has agreed to expand its alliance with NEC regarding HPC solution business in Europe and North America, enabling provision of NEC's SX series vector supercomputers with Sun Fire™ servers. NEC will continue to provide a broad range of HPC solutions including NEC's own scalar solutions. Sun's HPC components will provide more variety for our end users.

The agreement involves NEC sharing its extensive experience and knowledge in the HPC solution business, in particular in terms of high-end supercomputer system integration and ISV application tuning, with Sun, in order to leverage NEC's market recognition in large-scale HPC solutions.

Outline of the collaboration between NEC and Sun

1. NEC will provide an optimized "hybrid" supercomputing
   environment to end users by integrating NEC's SX series
   vector supercomputer and Sun Fire scalar servers.

   "Hybrid" supercomputing solutions provide a superior
   benefit for customers who wish to utilize both vector
   and scalar computing environments based on the
   suitability of customer codes. This solution also
   provides the capability to share data between
   vector and scalar computing environments.

2. NEC will provide expertise regarding ISV application
   tuning and optimization on Sun Fire servers for the
   specified target segment such as crash analysis in the
   automotive industry.  NEC will also provide total
   solutions to the end user as a system

3. NEC and Sun will share the system environment for
   application tuning, system evaluation and benchmarking
   between NEC's ATCC (Advanced Technical Computing Center,
   Houston, Texas) and Sun's Solution Center for HPC
   (Hillsboro, Oregon) and cooperate in various ISV
   application-related activities.
NEC and Sun are sharing market information in each region, and aggressively developing a new customer base for optimized HPC solutions.

Those new steps in the strategic alliance of NEC and Sun in the HPC area are part of the original framework of their agreement announced in April 2005.

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