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February 09, 2015 09:00 ET

:DentalPlans: National Toothache Day

:DentalPlans Offers Advice on What to Do in a Dental Emergency

PLANTATION, FL--(Marketwired - February 09, 2015) - Today is National Toothache Day. The banks won't be closed, the mail will be delivered, and we won't be enjoying a three-day weekend. But don't let that stop you from celebrating the day! The best way to do so is by making an appointment for a checkup with your dentist.

Many dental emergencies, such as toothaches, can be avoided with regular preventive care. Others, such as a knocked out, chipped or broken tooth will quickly get worse if not treated by a dentist as soon as possible.

"Unfortunately many people can't fit preventative care into their budgets, only to end up spending more later when their dental problems become too painful to ignore," says Bill Chase, vice president of marketing for :DentalPlans. "Good oral healthcare shouldn't be a luxury, it's a necessity."

Americans without dental insurance are increasingly heading to hospital emergency rooms for dental care. The American Dental Association found the number of dental emergency department visits had risen from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.1 million in 2010. But according to experts, the frequency of repeat visits to the emergency room suggests that while acute pain and infection are treated by emergency room physicians, the underlying dental problem was often not resolved.

:DentalPlans recommends that you see your dentist for dental emergencies as soon as possible. Until you can see a professional, you may wish to try these at home care tips.

Knocked out. The most important thing is to keep the knocked out tooth moist at all times. You can try placing it back in the socket without touching the root. If that isn't possible, place it in a glass of milk or between your cheek and gums. Then get to the dentist right away; knocked out teeth have the highest chance of being saved if returned to the socket within an hour of being knocked out.

Cracked up or broken. Rinse your mouth immediately with warm water to clean the area. Put a cold compress on your face to keep any swelling down and get to the dentist as soon as possible.

Ouch. For toothaches, rinse your mouth with warm water to clean out your mouth. Gently use dental floss to remove any food caught between your teeth that may be causing the problem. Do not put aspirin on your aching tooth or gums-it could burn the gum tissue. If the pain persists, contact your dentist.

Lost filling or crown. For a lost filling, stick a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity or use an over the counter dental cement, and get to the doctor as soon as possible. For a crown that falls off, get to the dentist right away. If you have to wait a bit, try to slip the crown back over the tooth. Before doing so, coat the inner surface with over the counter dental cement, toothpaste, or even denture adhesive to help hold the crown in place. If the tooth is causing a lot of pain, use a cotton swap to apply some clove oil to the sensitive area, found in the spice aisle at your local grocery.

"Dental emergencies can be expensive. If you find yourself without dental insurance or public dental coverage, a dental savings plan could save you money," adds Chase. "A dental savings plan offers quick plan activation and no waiting periods for dental work, unlike traditional dental insurance. And depending on the plan you choose, you can save 10-to-60% at the dentist."

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