May 27, 2009 08:09 ET

01THE ONE Introduces Limited Art Edition Watch Inspired by Pop Artist Romero Britto

MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwire - May 27, 2009) -

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Never before has a watch caused such hype as 01THE ONE's art edition. 01THE ONE, formerly known as Binary Watch has been all the rage in Europe since 2005. Its latest LED technology, futuristic design and unique time display in binary format have revolutionized not only German watch-making, but also the international market.

The pure binary timepieces were followed by different, innovative time reading systems. Just one month ago 01THE ONE released a new art edition collection that celebrities are clamoring to get hands on -sure, these celebrities are continually offered other brands & watches too - the difference: 01THE ONE does not pay them to wear its watches. The limited edition art watches are simply THE must have fashion item at the moment as privileged individuals across the globe sport one of the only 600 watches produced. These fashion privileged individuals are not all necessarily famous, but instead have all quickly discovered three watch models designed by pop art genius Joseph Bauer that have generated a fashion revolution. - http://www.01theone.com/products.

After 01THE ONE management received the first feedback about the art edition joking began about a "celebrity reality" casting show, complete with 01THE ONE founder Anton Kraft dismissing candidates Heidi Klum (or Tyra Banks) style. Brand manager Nicolas Ullah retorted "...Brangelinas kids on the waiting list - another 600 watches gone!" Jokes aside the company adopted a strict endorsement policy: to ignore established top celebrities that are accustomed to showy gift bags and getting paid for sponsorships, but rather endorse fashion conscious emerging celebrities, who are enthusiastic about 01THE ONE watches.

One such person is fashion icon Sandy Meyer-Woelden. She will be wearing a new art edition 01THE ONE watch at the VIVA (German version of MTV/VIACOM) 2009 Comet Awards on May 29th and during several upcoming TV appearances. Another celebrity the company is very proud of is neo-pop artist Romero Britto. Britto is said to be in love with the 01THE ONE watches - it's no wonder he is currently designing one of the upcoming art edition lines. Britto's association marks a big entrance into the international art scene for 01THE ONE. The past curation by Josef Bauer built a solid creative foundation, but Romero Britto's pop-art is known worldwide. 01THE ONE founder Anton Kraft becomes understandably excited when mentioning future products with Romero Britto:

"Romero is able to sell his art to million dollar price points. Now our watches are able to capture his creative vision and create a demand for some art on your wrist!"

THE ONE has recently extended its reach into the sports market as well. According to Anton Kraft the company was in negotiations with David Haye, Wladimir Klitschko's opponent in a heavyweight boxing championship title match schedule for June 20 2009 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The idea behind sponsoring David was to capitalize on the huge exposure the brand would receive from such an event. However, after recent overwhelming hype surrounding the brand an investment like this was no longer needed - as detailed on the company blog: http://www.01theone-trendwatching.blogspot.com.

"We'd rather invest in the celebrity casting show now" Anton Kraft says with a smile. For more info on the upcoming casting shows or other events THE ONE offers an interesting Twitter profile -http://www.twitter.com/01theone.

The THE ONE Limited Art Edition watches retail at fine fashion boutiques worldwide for approximately 229 EUR. To come back to the point: What 01THE ONE has created is an international fashion icon.

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