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December 10, 2007 15:19 ET

1 Billion Shares Locked Up

Insiders' Confidence

NATCHEZ, MS--(Marketwire - December 10, 2007) - U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (PINKSHEETS: USSE) announced today that it has entered into a two-year lock-up agreement with Sustainable Power Corp. (PINKSHEETS: SSTP) regarding shares that were issued to USSEC in a previously announced transaction. (

Pursuant to the agreement, in April 2007, SSTP issued to USSEC 641,000,000 restricted shares of SSTP in exchange for an exclusive worldwide license to distribute the U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. recycled renewable biofuel engineered from USSEC's bio-waste products derived from its fertilizer process from soybeans. As the exclusive provider of USSEC biofuel derived from USSEC's bio-waste by-products, Sustainable Power Corp. compensated USSEC with restricted shares of SSTP common stock that USSEC placed in the treasury.

Effective today, USSEC has agreed, for a period of at least two years from today, to not transfer, sell or otherwise dispose of any of the 641,000,000 shares of SSTP that it was granted and holds today as a result of the license agreement executed in April 2007. Insiders have agreed to make up the balance of the one billion shares.

John Rivera, CEO of USSEC, stated, "We are elated with the progress we have made in recent months and are very anxious to see phase one of the Baytown Green Energy Consortium come online. We have high expectations of seeing this happen by Christmas."

The shareholders of USSEC potentially will benefit from this transaction through the anticipated appreciation in the SSTP shares as sales of the biofuel commence to the power generation markets. It is expected that the shareholders of SSTP will benefit from the sale of electricity and fuel, as well as the Green Certificates and/or Emission Reduction Credits they may receive from the appropriate state and/or federal governmental agencies for supplying its clean energy solutions.

"Obtaining the license to acquire the bio-waste products from USSEC to produce and distribute recycled renewable biofuel is a monumental step in SSTP becoming a leading supplier of alternative fuels. Further, by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to the energy markets, we also enable our country to work toward energy independence," stated John Rivera, Chairman of Sustainable Power Corp.

About U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp.

U.S. Sustainable Energy offers a revolutionary new energy process that creates three times more fuel per feedstock unit than any other biofuel process. The company has engineered the first bio-renewable fuel able to serve as a replacement to diesel, with none of the negative traits associated with competitive green fuels. The USSEC biofuel is furthermore created at a nominal cost as the byproduct of producing organic fertilizer from recycled waste products, a discovery made during research into agricultural biomass now known as the "Rivera Process." The technology offers a solution to foreign oil dependence, significant reduction to the cost of electricity, and the eventual reversal of greenhouse gas emissions.

Management and current operations are focused on leveraging the superior performance and low cost of the fertilizer, biogas and biofuel within bundled plant operations, turnkey energy contracts, and other critical applications that rely on energy as a major cost component. For more information please visit

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