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10 DIY Tips To Help Your Dad Out This Father's Day

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Sunday 17 June 2012 marks Father's Day, celebrating Dads all around the UK. So this week HomeServe have come up with a selection of useful home improvement tips and easy DIY tasks for you to try out this weekend, while your Dad enjoys a well-earned rest.

1. De-rust your tools

To clean rusty tools the easy way, dip a soapy steel wool pad into some turpentine and rub the affected areas. To prevent rust in the future, always store in a bucket of dry sand.

2. Wallpaper pasting made easy

The most common way to apply wallpaper paste is with a paintbrush. However an easier solution is to place the paste in a paint tray and use a roller to apply to your wallpaper.

3. No more sticky paint tins

Stretch some string across the middle of your paint tin and attach to either side of the handle. If you wipe your brush on the string, you won't get paint all over the tin and the lid will always open easily.

4. How to remove wallpaper

Stripping wallpaper is a chore for any decorator! An easy method is to fill a bowl with warm soapy water and use a cloth to apply this to the walls. Leave this to soak for five minutes, then strip the paper, taking care around sockets.

5. Protect wall sockets

When decorating, use masking tape to secure cling film over light switches and sockets. This will prevent paint splashing onto your switches and sockets. Protect wall lights by covering them with carrier bags.

6. How to tighten or loosen screws

This can be a fiddly job at the best of times, without having to figure out which way you should be turning the screwdriver. Remember this handy tip - 'right is tight and left is loose'.

7. Smooth wallpaper

If you notice a few bubbles underneath your wallpaper, burst them with a small pin, then smooth the surrounding area with your fingertips.

8. How to silence creaky doors

A creaky door can be annoying but is easy to fix. Pour a few drops of cooking oil on some cotton wool and dap onto the hinges - a simple solution to an annoying problem.

9. Eliminate paint odours

The smell of fresh paint always lingers for a few days. Any easy way to get rid of the paint smell is to leave half a freshly cut onion in the room - this will absorb any odours.

10. Stop dripping taps

Here's a quick fix to quiet that dripping tap. Tape a piece of string or thread to the tap near the drip and the water will follow the thread quietly down the string and into the drain. Always fix dripping taps as soon as possible to avoid wasting water and money.

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