Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice

Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice

November 11, 2008 15:33 ET

10 Minutes...30 Minutes...Time Starved Canadians Looking to Spend Extra Time on Themselves

Majority of Canadians spending up to an hour making dinner every day; new survey finds as little as 10 or 30 extra minutes would enhance personal time, last chance to win $10,000 from Minute Rice to make more of your time.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2008) - With families back in the hustle and bustle of school routines, lessons, practices and homework, and the holiday season right around the corner, a new national survey has found that up to an hour of every day is being spent by Canadians making dinner, a chore that is eating into their personal time. The survey, conducted for Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice by Angus Reid Strategies, found that 54 per cent of Canadians are spending between 21 and 40 minutes making dinner, while another 20 per cent are spending up to an hour. The survey also found that almost 3 million Canadians say they just don't have time to make dinner, a number that increases in Ontario and BC households, with Canadian men, Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 and households with incomes more than $100,000.

How would Canadians spend an extra 10 minutes or 30 minutes in their day? "The survey found that 75 per cent of Canadians would spend that extra time on themselves," said Karen Scicluna, Director of Marketing for Ronzoni Foods Canada Corp., makers of Minute Rice. "Our research shows that Canadians want to eat healthier, more nutritiously and incorporate more whole grains into their diets, but many of them are struggling to achieve that given their fast-paced lifestyles. One-fifth of all Canadians believe that it takes too long to make healthy foods. And at a time of the year when most of us want to be spending time with family, gearing up for the holidays or doing anything rather than in the kitchen cooking, this can be a real obstacle to eating healthy."

Time starved already, 16 per cent of Canadians say they have no time to look for ways to add healthier food into meals and more than 2.1 million Canadians say it's just too hard to incorporate healthy foods into meals. And yet, they are being bombarded with messages that tell them they need to eat healthier and that it's imperative to get whole grains into their diet.

"That's one of the reasons we at Ronzoni Foods have been looking for ways to take traditional staples, like whole grain brown rice, and make it easier and faster for consumers to prepare," said Ms. Scicluna. "Traditionally, whole grain brown rice would take anywhere from half an hour to 45 minutes to prepare. Our new Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice is ready in 10 minutes; that's four times faster than traditional brown rice and Minute Rice turns out right every time."

How would you spend an extra 10 or 30 minutes?

Would saving an extra 10 or 30 minutes a day making dinner really be that big a deal? Yes, say Canadians. Time starved, and living fast-paced, frenetic lifestyles, more than 75 per cent of Canadians say they would spend an extra 10 to 30 minutes a day on themselves. With an extra 10 minutes, 39 per cent of Canadians said they would nap, relax or rest. The more time they gained, the more Canadians said they would do something with that time. Sleeping, napping and resting still came in number one with 27 per cent of Canadians, but they also would like to get outdoors, take a walk, ride a bike or garden. They would also double the amount of time spent doing hobbies. Exercising would be key for 11 per cent of Canadians. And 10 per cent said they would spend that time with family and friends.

Now Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice wants to know what you would do with an extra 10 or 30 minutes. Log onto www.minutericetime4you.ca before November 15, 2008, tell us how you would spend an extra 10 or 30 minutes and you could win the services of a personal assistant for the day. Imagine having another set of hands to help you around the house, do your Christmas shopping or plan that next big family get-together. Whatever it is, Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice wants to help you create extra time in your day. And in addition, you will win $10,000 to spend enjoying that extra time!

Why Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice?

Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice is an instant pre-cooked, long grain rice that incorporates the great tasting, tender, chewy, nutty flavour and nutritional fibre benefits of traditional brown rice with easy stove-top or microwave preparation. Brown rice still retains the bran and germ which gives it a light brown colour and is rich in minerals and vitamins, providing more fibre, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium and protein then white rice. The parboiling process steams the rice at pressure allowing the vitamins to move from the bran layer into the rice kernel. This keeps the nutrients in the rice and keeps the rice grains firm and not mushy when they are cooked.

"And because it's from Minute Rice, with our almost 60 years of history, you can rest assured that it will always turn out right...or rice, as we like to say," said Ms. Scicluna.

Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice is available in the rice and pasta section of grocery stores right across Canada and retails for approximately $4.59. Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice is a part of The Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check(TM) program, meeting specific nutrient criteria based on Canada's Food Guide and is a source of fibre.

About Ronzoni Foods

Ronzoni Foods Canada Corporation markets pasta and rice and has more than 280 employees. The company has a heritage of being innovative. For more information about Minute Rice, please visit www.minuterice.ca.

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