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April 13, 2012 06:00 ET

100 Billion Steps Closer to Better Health

GlobalFit's Destination: You Physical Activity Program Achieves Major Milestone

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Apr 13, 2012) - With 100 billion steps, you could walk around the Earth's equator more than 2,000 times. And 100 billion steps is now the milestone achieved by participants of Destination: You, a corporate activity program that has employees around the world getting off the couch and out of their desk chairs and increasing their physical activity.

The landmark step count represents the cumulative steps taken by participating employees since the 2008 launch of Destination: You by GlobalFit, the leading provider of physical activity programs to American businesses. Destination: You tracks participants' every step, so they can see how much activity they're getting and also where they can fit more into their everyday schedule. The participating companies range from corporate powerhouses Allstate Insurance Company and KBR to Inspiration Ministries (with 310 employees in suburban Charlotte).

"We're thrilled at the impact that this program is having," said GlobalFit Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Andrew D. Greenberg. "With Destination: You, we consistently see initial engagement rates as high as 85% and retention rates averaging greater than 70%."

"What's more powerful," Greenberg elaborates, "are the firsthand testimonials we receive from participants. Initially, employees participate because they're having fun. They tell us about the challenges and competitions they're engaged in with their co-workers. As they progress, they get excited about the measurable results they see -- significant weight loss, improved cholesterol profiles -- as well as intangibles, such as increased energy or renewed self-confidence. With Destination: You, employees participate because they love it, and the health benefit comes as a result."

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GlobalFit is a leading provider of physical activity programs for businesses around the world. For over 20 years, GlobalFit has worked with companies to offer innovative programs that help employees get moving and improve their health. Their mission, "Changing lives through physical activity," is an accurate description of how their programs affect both individuals and the overall culture of their partner organizations.

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