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Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance

March 17, 2011 08:57 ET

100 Extraordinary Texas Longhorn Cattle Attract 500 Breeders for Annual Ballroom Auction

TLMA's 2011 Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale Brings Best-of-Breed Cattle to Hyatt Regency North Dallas Ballroom for the World's Only Black Tie-Optional Texas Longhorn Auction

LAMPASAS, TX and DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - March 17, 2011) - Tomorrow and Saturday, over 100 of the world's finest Texas Longhorn cattle will file into the Texas Ballroom in the Hyatt Regency North Dallas in Richardson, Texas, for the 2011 Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale VII. The seventh annual event is bringing over 500 Texas Longhorn breeders and enthusiasts together March 18-19 for a weekend of auctions that will recognize excellence in breeding, promote awareness about the heritage of the extraordinary breed of cattle, and raise money for charitable causes.

Produced by the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance (TLMA), the Legacy Sale has established numerous records for Longhorn cattle sales, including the 2008 sale of SDR Candy Cane for $170,000, the highest selling Longhorn cow in history, and 2009's top selling Longhorn cow, EOT Outback Cherry, who was purchased for $97,000. While the highly-pedigreed cattle sold at the annual black tie-optional affair average $15,000 to $18,000 each, many Texas Longhorns can be purchased for very affordable prices.

"There is only one true showcase for the Longhorn breed and that's the annual Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale," said Red McCombs, Texas businessman, philanthropist and Texas Longhorn breeder. "It's a 'can't miss' event, where I always sent my best cattle."

Over the past six years, the Legacy Sale has generated nearly $1 million for college scholarships, cancer research and children's causes. This year, money will be raised for the Mosser Family Scholarship Fund, which distributes scholarship money to children, who raise and exhibit Texas Longhorn cattle, and to the Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation, an independent foundation that supports worthy causes for Texas Longhorn breeders.

"For Longhorn cattle raisers, the Legacy is the best and biggest of the sales," said Rick Friedrich, Texas Longhorn breeder. "It's where the best cattle are bought and sold and where the best breeders put their best foot forward."

Participants will gather Friday, March 18, for an informal banquet and fundraising auction. The main auction and additional fundraising auctions will be held Saturday evening in conjunction with a black tie-optional banquet.

"Only in Texas will a 4-Star hotel invite cattle into their grand ballroom," said Wes Chancey, TLMA CEO. "But these aren't just any cattle, they're a sampling of the most magnificent Texas Longhorns in the world and that's what draws hundreds of breeders from throughout the U.S."

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More about Texas Longhorn Cattle
The first cattle introduced to the New World by Spaniards in 1493, Longhorns are the only breed of cattle to evolve without human management. They freely roamed West Texas for hundreds of years until American settlers discovered them in the 1830s. From 1866 until 1900, enterprising cowboys rounded up an estimated 10 million head of Longhorn cattle and drove them up the Chisholm Trail to railheads in Abilene and Dodge City. Because English breeds of cattle have fattier beef and Longhorn meat is leaner, the breed was largely ignored as a meat source by the early 1900s.

By the 1920s, the Texas Longhorn breed was nearly depleted. The United States Forest Service is credited with saving it by relocating a small herd of breeding stock to a refuge in Oklahoma. A few years later, people like J. Frank Dobie and others began gathering Longhorns in Texas state parks to preserve the breed and its place in Texas history. Today, there are over 250,000 registered Texas Longhorns in North America and other continents and thousands of Texas Longhorn breeders in the U.S., including actors Matthew McConaughey and Janine Turner, General Tommy Franks (Ret.) and Texas entrepreneur and philanthropist Red McCombs. The best Texas Longhorn cattle sell for tens of thousands of dollars, with a few selling for over $100,000, including a bull that was syndicated for $1 million. A more detailed history of the breed is located on the TLMA website.

About TLMA
The Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance was established in 2007 to promote the dignity and integrity of Texas Longhorn cattle breed and to serve as voluntary stewards of the Longhorn legacy. Headquartered in Lampasas, Texas, TLMA's growing membership is comprised of thousands of dedicated Texas Longhorn breeders. The organization produces and sponsors several sales events each year. More information about TLMA is located at

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