SOURCE: Marin Soil Solutions

June 19, 2013 09:31 ET

100% Organic-Based 'Liquid Compost' Now Available for Retail Customers Exclusively Through Marin Soil Solutions

Earthfort's Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive Previously Available Only to Large Wholesale Agricultural Customers

SAN RAFAEL, CA--(Marketwired - June 19, 2013) - Earthfort's Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive will be available to retail customers beginning today exclusively through Marin Soil Solutions. Retail customers have been anticipating access to these products, which previously were only available to large wholesale agriculture customers.  Soil ProVide works as specific micro-organisms break down organic matter, allowing nutrients to be released into the soil in forms that plants can use.  Soil ReVive complements Soil ProVide, as a food source to feed the organisms found in Soil ProVide. It is healthy, odorless and safe around children, pets and wildlife.

This "green" direction to landscape management has been adopted by Harvard University, Duke University, University of Colorado, University of Arizona, the City of San Francisco, high-end organic vineyards, and early adopters like Martha Stewart and Steve Jobs.

Marin Soil Solutions is proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor for Earthfort's retail line of integrated soil management products -- Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive. In addition, Marin Soil Solutions is a resource for related books, audio CDs and brewing equipment.

Healthy soil is the foundation of successful landscapes and truly healthy soil is teeming with beneficial microorganisms. Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive offer a safe, effective and exclusive mixture that offers remarkable results.


Bill Falk and Tom Bowen, Co-Founders of Marin Soil Solutions are Marin Master Gardeners, and have obtained EPA/QWEL WaterSense Certifications. They are both certified Master Soil Consultants from Earthfort Labs, and are experts in ecological landscaping, irrigation management and soil biology. They believe in all natural soil biology, enhanced by 100 % organic compost in combination with a cocktail of healthy soil amendments for immediate, measurable improvements. They now offer this practical knowledge to the San Francisco Bay Area gardening community and retail customers throughout the United States via the Marin Soil Solutions web site:

Marin Soil Solutions, founded in 2010, offers products that help reestablish and feed depleted soil biology, enhance root development, conserve water and reinvigorate tired soil. Located in San Rafael, CA (San Francisco Bay Area), Marin Soil Solutions carries a selection of natural and organic soil amendments including:

  • Earthfort's Soil ProVide and Soil ReVive
  • Down To Earth All Natural fertilizers
  • Azomite Soil Remineralizer
  • Green Diamond pre-blended Fertilizer/Mycorrhizae paks
  • Vermicompost
  • Pt. Reyes Compost

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