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September 12, 2013 08:09 ET

1000s of Teaching Jobs Available for Recent Grads

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) - English has been gaining ground as the global language. Schools and universities around the world are implementing English language classes in an effort to produce fluent students. Parents, teachers and government officials alike believe that English fluency will open doors for students and become a vital component of their career success, especially for those going into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

American and Canadian college graduates, facing a lackluster job market at home, are capitalizing on this trend by taking English-teaching positions in countries like South Korea. The South Korean education system was recently named one of the best in the world, second only to Finland's, according to a report by the education firm Pearson.

Gone2Korea recruits native English-speaking, Western college graduates for teaching positions in South Korean public and private schools.

Sarah Leffingwell, who found her South Korean teaching position with Gone2Korea, said of her experience, "Gone2Korea has been indispensable in my job search and move to Korea. Knowing next to nothing about the process of teaching English in Korea, my contact guided me through the entire application, interview and documentation process. I cannot accurately express how appreciative I am of Gone2Korea's efforts to help me out of difficulties that arose in the complicated process of obtaining a work visa."

"My time in Korea has turned out even better than expected. In the search for a teaching job in Korea, you will find many stories of contracts broken or not fulfilled as stipulated. I have had no such problems with my placement in a private English academy and I feel that I owe all this to Gone2Korea. All questions and concerns that I had about living in Korea, my job contract and the international move were answered thoroughly and quickly by my contact. I would encourage anyone interested in teaching in Asia to work with this site, as I have had an amazing experience with them."

Gone2Korea is one of 10 companies officially endorsed by the English Program in Korea (EPIK). EPIK is a government-subsidized primary public-school program affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education and tasked with building a strong English-language education program in Korea's public schools.

As a top recruiter of public school English teachers in Korea, Gone2Korea places hundreds of Canadian, American, British, Irish, and Australian college graduates in teaching positions each year. These positions offer a competitive salary that affords many teachers the opportunity to put away an extra $10,000 to $15,000 a year toward paying off student loans, building a nest egg or traveling. Benefits of the program include a free apartment, medical insurance, airfare to and from Korea, severance packages and up to four weeks of paid vacation time. The spring hiring session begins in October, so apply now to be eligible for positions beginning in March 2014!

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Gone2Korea was founded in 2002 by ESL teachers working in Gumi, South Korea. Today, Gone2Korea is a leading placement agency that works with schools in every major city throughout South Korea. Gone2Korea is a Korean Ministry of Education-selected recruitment agent for the nation's public school English-language programs. The company is registered division of Venture Sense Inc. To learn more about Gone2Korea, visit its website at

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