SOURCE: Attorney Richard Ivar Rydstrom, Esq., LL.M.

May 14, 2007 19:05 ET

110th Congress Publishes California Attorney Rydstrom's "Neutral Paper" on Problems & Solutions Facing the Economy & Middle Class in Homeownership, Default & Foreclosure!

Homeowners! Save Your Home From Default & Foreclosure: Get your HOMEOWNERS GUIDE TO AVOIDING DEFAULT & FORECLOSURE™ Available on -- Homeowners Public Education Hotline: 800-770-0797 ext701; Lenders! Don't Do Another Loan Workout Without Using TID™ -- SHILO™ & SuitabilityDutyWaiver™ Risk Mitigation Techniques! See Why on: -- Banking Industry Hotline 800-770-0797 ext702

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 14, 2007 -- California attorney, Richard Ivar Rydstrom, Esq., LL.M. Taxation says, "Congressman Rangel wanted a neutral analysis of the problems facing the economy and the middle class. Chairman Rangel was right to seek a comprehensive analysis from all sides of the economic circle with no allegiance to any one interest."

TID™ -- Truly Intelligent Disclosures™ -- Mr. Rydstrom says: "We don't need more disclosures or laws for disclosure sake. We need less. However, we do need truly intelligent disclosures. TID™ is a defining moment in the industry. TID™ is a 'Suitability' disclosure and waiver (plus). TID™ uses real-time contingency suitability analytics summarized to a one-page disclosure/waiver form that not only allows the borrower to make an intelligent and informed decision on 'Suitability' and 'RahC' (Randomly Activated Hidden Contingencies) but allows the lender to obtain risk mitigation 'SuitabilityDutyWaivers™.' This is critical. The borrower must be truly informed. Lenders must define the duty owed as a profession and satisfy it (objectively). The head-in-the-sand defense doesn't work. Just check the multimillion dollar litigation awards thus far." Mr. Rydstrom's paper suggests new solutions to the American Dream of Homeownership, Defaults, Foreclosures, Creative Credit & Lending, Immigration, Mortgage Insurance, Wall Street Private Equity Hedge (Mortgage) Funds, Tax & Bankruptcy Laws.

SHILO™ -- Safe Harbor Intelligent Loan Options™ -- Attorney Rydstrom says: "The transaction itself must have a truly reliable risk/price barometer for borrower, lender, insurer, Wall Street, investor and the government sponsored entities (SPE). The risk/pricing must not be corrupt or abused. Performance and risk of non-performance of loans must be better measurable, more predictable and without the possibility of great negative market fluctuations that threaten the stability and growth of the economy and homeownership. I created pre-defined 'contractual' default and foreclosure 'safe harbor' loan option provisions that preclude certain downside risk. It allows for better use of non-cash burdened mortgage insurance and creates new mortgage insurance Wall Street (tradeable) funds that better support the market risk and liquidity."

Public Education and Outreach -- Attorney Rydstrom says: "I developed a public educational handout called the HOMEOWNERS GUIDE TO AVOIDING DEFAULT & FORECLOSURE™ (available on that should be used by all market participants. But, if the industry does not make an unprecedented public educational campaign to change the public negative perception of the possibilities of solving a default or foreclosure, the problem and its inherent risks will continue to grow."

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