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March 20, 2013 20:44 ET

13 Year eBay Member With 100% Positive Feedback Gets Banned and Starts New Auction Website

KOOSEY.COM Is Completely Free; Sell Your Stuff and Pay No Fees or Commissions

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - Ryan Fitzpatrick was using and supporting eBay community long before some of us were even using the Internet. He had been selling merchandise to thousands of satisfied eBay users for over 13 years and had a 100% positive feedback rating.

Then one day, out of the blue, Ryan got an email saying that his account was indefinitely suspended, he was banned for life from eBay! There was no real explanation and no way to appeal. This was a significant part of Ryan's income and his livelihood. The distraught eBay veteran began an exhausting effort to contact someone to get this straightened out. However, all he reached were auto attended mailboxes and overseas call centers. 

Finally, he got a hold of someone who could help him, or so he thought. It turns out, he had a $7 piece of plastic up for bid that eBay thought may not be authentic. Though Ryan immediately offered to take the product down so they could investigate and confirm, he was told there is just nothing that can be done; he can no longer use eBay. 

Since simply accepting this was not an option for Ryan and eBay refused to even discuss the matter, he started a brand new auction website and KOOSEY.COM was born! "If I received such a disturbing reaction from eBay, others must have too. So, I wanted to create a space where people could expect reasonable customer support," said Ryan Fitzpatrick, Founder of

Though Ryan built this site so there was a fair place to buy and sell things without tyrant policies and poor customer support, he also thought it was about time for a site to exist that was free for buyers and sellers. "The Internet doesn't have to work that way, there are plenty of other ways to generate revenue to maintain websites, you don't have to nickel and dime the user... I felt like eBay was making more money on my auction fees then I was on the auction. I just wanted to create a space that was fair to people who want to buy and sell things privately," said Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

KOOSEY.COM currently has over 125,000 products up for auction right now and the site has not even been live for a month!

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