April 01, 2009 13:59 ET

15 Years of Commitment to the Community has Made Dormez-vous the Leader in Specialty Retailing

Quebec's leading specialty mattress retailer celebrates 15 years with the opening of a 30th store

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 1, 2009) - How does a retailer in today's market continue to grow and expand? By actively giving back to the communities in which it operates, says Quebec's leading mattress specialty retailer, Dormez-vous, and creating deep relationships with consumers that go beyond a one-time purchase.

The Quebec-based success story celebrates today its 15th anniversary with the opening of its 30th store. In an economic climate where many retailers are pulling back, the new Place Rosemere store is the 30th Dormez-vous location to be opened to the day, on the anniversary of the first store was opening.

Since its foundation in 1994, Dormez-vous has always believed in establishing strong ties with the communities where stores are located by initiating or participating in a wide variety of community programs. "We believe it is our responsibility, and one we're pleased to assume, to give something back to the communities that helped us grow by using our resources to assist those in need and making it a better world we live in," said Ms. Lynn Martel, Vice President of Dormez-vous.

The drive to success

Dormez-vous's actions have always been influenced by three closely core pillars of its internal business strategy: people, quality and profit, and in that order. From the executive staff to the warehouse team, each employee is considered as an equal and treated with care and respect. Parallel to this pillar is the quest for quality which drives each employee: quality of the products sold, quality of the service offered to each and every customer, and the quality of life that is paramount within each and every store. "By putting all of efforts in satisfying these two pillars, we've ensured the profitability of our company as sure as 1+1 equals 2", explains Ms. Martel. "We quickly realised that by putting people before profit, our company became self-sustainable because each and every individual believed in our common vision."

A people-oriented company

"Our core business philosophy is very people-oriented and we mirror this in everything we do: we care as much about the service we offer to our customers when they buy a bed as we do for the various community initiatives and fundraisers in which we invest ourselves," explains Ms. Martel. "We've developed with our employees a very strong family-like bond which we carefully nurture through various employee programs."

The health and well being of Dormez-vous's employees has always been a priority, and the company strives to maintain a healthy and safe environment where they can work hard and play hard. Various programs, such as a tuition reimbursement and fitness subsidy programs were develop to encourage each employee attain their full potential. Dormez-vous has also initiated a lifework phone line available to employees 24/7 and offers personnel support and confidential consultation services to help them cope with any issue, personal or professional.

"What we are most proud of is how much our employees invest themselves in each community program we initiate: they really own the activities we support and make each program and fundraiser a huge success," remarks Ms. Martel.

Reinvesting in the community

Every year, Dormez-vous assist various charitable organisations through programs and fundraisers. Some of the more known programs launched by Dormez-vous, such as Adopt-a-sheep, Backpack for Kids and Give a Kid a Coat has helped thousands of children and families throughout Montreal to live through rough times. "Programs such as Dormez-vous's Give a Kid a Coat program can really make a difference in the lives of underprivileged families," explains Michel Tasse, Divisional Secretary for Public Relations and Development for the Salvation Army. "These programs facilitate our efforts to help these families gain access to essential elements that they usually have to choose between." In 2007, the Give a Kid a Coat collected 560 children's coats and snowsuits which were distributed to children from 297 families in need, doubling the previous year's results.

Unique mattress recycling program

In 2007, Dormez-vous launched its innovative recycling program for their customers. When a new mattress is purchased at Dormez-vous, they take away the old one and make sure it is properly disposed of, either by being refurbished and given to a family in need or by recycling. Every year, Dormez-vous sends thousands of mattresses to a recycling depot, rather than to local landfills. The small percentage of mattresses that are still usable are cleaned and given a new life through local charities who donate them to families in need.

"The environment belongs to all of us, and as corporate citizens and members of this community, we are thrilled to be the first major mattress retailer in Quebec to lead the industry in recycling old mattresses," says Martel. In 2008, close to 20,000 old mattresses exchanged by customers were stored at the Dormez-vous warehouse and categorized as either reusable or recyclable. "When we developed this program, we evaluated all of the possibilities and discovered we could do more than recycle the mattresses. We realized that a large number of these were in good shape and could benefit underprivileged families," said Martel. Over 8,500 of the mattresses collected in 2008 were offered to various charitable organisations to either furnish dormitories for the homeless or to be handed out to those who were bedless.

About Dormez-vous

Founded in 1994, Dormez-vous is the fastest growing mattress specialty retailer in Quebec, currently with 30 locations and still expanding. It offers one of the largest mattress selections in Quebec from major manufacturers, including a wide selection of headboards and footboards as well as a large assortment of pillows and linen. Dormez-vous is the first Quebec major mattress retailer to have launched an innovative recycling program for their customers.

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