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May 09, 2011 11:45 ET

18-Year-Old Developer of TuneMe Mobile App Builds Thriving Business, Keeps His App Free With Pontiflex AppLeads

Android Developer Increases Revenue by 8X With Industry's Leading Mobile Signup Ad Platform

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - Pontiflex, Inc., the industry's leading mobile and online signup ad platform, today announced that Android app developer Atonality Mobile is keeping the free version of its popular mobile app, TuneMe, available on the Android Market due to its ability to generate significant revenues using the Pontiflex AppLeads in-app mobile ad platform. Specifically, Atonality Mobile has generated $80 CPMs from its use of AppLeads, far above industry averages for mobile app advertising, enabling the company to continue offering the app on the Android Market without requiring users to pay for it.

TuneMe was developed by 18-year-old college freshman John Hotovy, CEO of Atonality Mobile, located in Nebraska. The app records the user's voice and adds an effect that makes it sound like the user is singing perfectly in tune with his or her favorite songs. TuneMe serves Pontiflex AppLeads mobile signup ads while songs are being processed, making the process of engaging with the ads a non-disruptive experience for the user. Signup ads by Pontiflex help people opt in to hear from advertisers they like without ever leaving a mobile application.

Signup ads helped Atonality Mobile solve the common problem reported by app developers where an increase in downloads doesn't translate to an increase in revenue. After launch, TuneMe's downloads went from 30,000 to 170,000 in a matter of weeks, yet its existing click-based banner revenue did not increase. According to the developer, the app was earning CPMs ranging from 30 to 50 cents, which translated to $10-$20 per day. Adding Pontiflex AppLeads to its existing Google AdMob revenue was instrumental to achieving the revenue increase needed to keep the app free for users.

"We were about to pull the free version off the Android Market before we saw the impact of the revenue from Pontiflex AppLeads," said John Hotovy, CEO of Atonality Mobile. "The increase in revenue from signup ads has definitely contributed to keeping the free version around."

According to a survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Pontiflex, 95 percent of mobile users use free apps and 41 percent use paid apps. The strong consumer usage of free apps highlights the importance of mobile app advertising, which has emerged as an important revenue stream for publishers and app developers to help keep apps free.

In addition to keeping the app free, Pontiflex AppLeads allows Atonality Mobile to build a community around TuneMe by hosting a registration page within the app. Atonality Mobile is now able to connect to fans of TuneMe in a way that is impossible with Google Android Market or the Apple App Store. Since integrating a registration page, TuneMe has built a community of over 12,000 users at no cost. The company is now able to connect with this audience to beta-test new features and get valuable feedback on the app.

According to the developer, user feedback has been favorable. "If our users didn't like the signup ads," said Hotovy, "we wouldn't be making this much revenue."

TuneMe is one of many app developers using Pontiflex AppLeads to increase revenue. To date, mobile apps that have integrated the Pontiflex AppLeads SDK have been installed more than 115 million times. According to the Pontiflex annual CPL report, app developers on the Android platform earn average CPMs of $101.72 using AppLeads, while iPhone developers earn an average CPM of $47.10.

"TV networks have been providing free, ad-supported content for years," said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-Founder of Pontiflex. "Mobile app developers are now providing real entertainment and utility to their audience and should be paid for what they do. We are happy to help them make real money in a way that is still respectful of the user experience, and help keep their apps free."

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