May 01, 2013 11:30 ET

19-Year Old Gap-Year Student From Oakville, Ontario Breathes New Life Into Cause Marketing

5 Months... 4 Causes... 3 Aims... 2 Million $ for Charity... 1 Million Pixels

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 1, 2013) - A dynamic and innovative website was launched this week that facilitates Cause Marketing, encourages collaboration and aims to give to 4 important Canadian Causes.

The idea comes from 19-year-old gap year student, Rishi Sareen from Oakville, Ontario.

Re-working a proven old idea with some distinct nuances, Pixellaunch.ca encourages some of Canada's best-known names and brands to promote themselves and give to great causes all at the same time. He is hopeful that many of the preferred 500 Companies and Brands will come on board, as it really is an opportunity for Canada to showcase its diverse business landscape, whilst promoting themselves and achieving a common goal. It's not often these opportunities come around so he urges timely participation.

In his words, "When we look at how much Corporate and Retail Canada gives to Charity, we still lag behind and could always do more. Today, consumers and investors are looking for companies that give back, using savvy alternative methods."

How It Works: Companies promote a new product or service that they wish to bring to the public's attention, for which they purchase pixels, the more they buy the more space they get, leading to more visibility on 'The Grid'. The best part is that 50% of their purchase then goes to four Canadian causes. There is limited time to 'Get in' as when the space is gone its gone. Companies get an excellent ROI as they can promote new products & services, for a full 2 years, changing them monthly or as and when required. Visitors to the site, on the other hand, will be able to see familiar logos, which direct them to current and updated links. With Social Media being a key vehicle in this campaign, he hopes to hit an ambitious target of Follows & Likes and anticipates visitors will vote for their cause on the site, making it a win-win for all those involved.

Once 'The Grid' sells out, the campaign will donate $2 million to 4 Canadian causes within a 5-month period. His main objective is to get maximum publicity and exposure so that the public visits www.pixellaunch.ca to see Canada's most trusted companies and brands and what they have to offer. Having spent the past few months developing the site and getting everything in place, he believes this project should start the conversation on broader Cause Marketing initiatives.

The Countdown Has Started…

Visit the site at: www.pixellaunch.ca

Watch Videos @ www.youtube.com/user/IMACSCorporation

Twitter: @pixellaunch

Facebook: facebook.com/pixellaunch

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