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November 19, 2015 09:00 ET

1st Cast Media LLC Transforms Law Enforcement Communication With New App

Innovative Technology Bridges the Gap Between the Newsroom and the Crime Scene

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - November 19, 2015) - Meet the new technology set to transform law enforcement communication. Launching today, 1st Cast L.E. is a mobile app knocking down communication barriers between officers. The app will enable any officer to instantly create and cast real time alerts directly from the scene of the crime. With 1st Cast L.E., an officer is able to reach other law enforcement and media in a matter of minutes, at no cost to them.

When it comes to closing cases quickly, the news media is one of law enforcement's most valuable tools for reaching the public and gathering timely information. However, even in today's digital world, significant shortcomings in communication still exist between law enforcement and members of the media. After 23 years within the Columbus Police Department, 1st Cast Media LLC Founder and President Jon Compson identified multiple deficiencies in the way police officers communicate with each other and with the media.

"Communication is key when it comes to solving crimes, but the current communication system between officers is broken," explained Compson. "Despite advancements in technology, much of the information collected at the scene of a crime must be taken back to the station, manually logged and approved before a full media release can be distributed." Communication barriers between local police departments also prevent the easy spread of critical information.

Police officers are subject to manual and time-consuming evidence-gathering procedures that prevent them from quickly sharing timely information and evidence with the media, resulting in delayed or unsolved cases. Furthermore, silos within law enforcement departments prevent police officers from sharing and receiving information and evidence in a timely manner, reducing their ability to effectively and quickly solve cases and identify crime patterns.

Time is of the essence in solving all crimes, but this is especially true in the case of missing children. 76 percent of abducted children who are killed die within the first three hours of the abduction, making the need to quickly share related information and evidence with the public paramount. As the system stands, manual processes mean that several hours can come between the officer arriving at the scene of the crime and the media reporting on the missing child.

"An app like this could revolutionize the way law enforcement solves crimes by escalating critical alerts," Chuck Strickler, a media veteran, said. "The adoption of these cutting edge technologies are what it will take to ultimately help keep our communities safe."

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