City of Beaconsfield

City of Beaconsfield

June 21, 2016 12:32 ET

20% Increase in the Speed of Canadian Pacific Trains: A Decision That Endangers the Safety and Quality of Life of Local Residents

BEACONSFIELD, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - June 21, 2016) - The mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle, deplores the Canadian Pacific Railway's decision to increase the speed of its trains by 20% in urban zones, thereby putting at risk the safety and quality of life of Beaconsfield residents.

"Railway companies need to look beyond their profit margins and show respect for the communities affected by their activities. By increasing the speed of their trains by 20%, from 50 to 60 miles an hour, both the risk of accidents and their likely severity are increased, as are the noise levels our residents are exposed to," Mayor Bourelle notes.

Canadian Pacific wrote to the City of Beaconsfield on May 31st to inform it that train speeds would be increasing by 20% on CP rail lines in Beaconsfield, where more than thirty trains pass through every day. City authorities have no legal power to oppose this change.

By contrast, Mr. Bourelle points out that Canadian National reduced the speed of its trains last year after a series of railway disasters.

"Canadian Pacific should show a greater sense of social responsibility and duty towards Canadians, and adopt better practices in terms of sustainable development. Accidents involving trains often turn tragic, as we saw in Lac-Mégantic. We have to take every reasonable measure to prevent them. Increasing train speeds, and increasing the noise they make passing by and the potential severity of accidents, are certainly not responsible or well-advised decisions on the part of CP administrators. We must denounce and oppose these decisions. This is a matter of community safety, not corporate profit."

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