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October 03, 2006 10:03 ET


OAK BROOK, ILL.--(Collegiate Presswire - October 3, 2006) - According to a recent McDonald's Omnibus survey, many Americans consider generosity to be its own reward. The national consumer survey, conducted in conjunction with the launch of the 2006 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald's, found that above anything else, Americans would share a $5 million prize with friends, family or a favorite charity. Americans' consideration of others should come as no surprise - a recent study of common courtesy(1) in 35 countries' most populous cities found New York, N.Y. at the top of the list. Planning for the future is also a priority after a big win, with saving or investing the money ranking second. Although the average American family now owes more than $9,000 in credit debt(2), a greater number of Americans admit they would still treat themselves to everyday comforts, such as a new house or car, than the number of people who would pay off existing debts.

In preparation for the upcoming MONOPOLY 2006 Game at McDonald's, which runs October 3 through October 30 at participating restaurants nationwide, the company asked consumers nationwide about winning big - just how much money is considered a big win? Nearly 40 percent of Americans agree that in order to quit their job, they would need to win at least enough money to pay off their mortgage(s).

MONOPOLY at McDonald's "Winning Big" Survey Results

* While many people would quit their job after a big win, Americans disagree on the best way to spend their free time. Men are more likely than women to go back to school or start their own business, and women are more likely than men to spend time with friends and family or volunteer.

* Although games of chance are more popular than ever, only 43 percent of Americans consider themselves lucky.

* Getting married appears to have a positive effect on winning - the majority of unmarried Americans admit they have never won anything, whereas the majority of married Americans claim they have.

* Geographic conditions may also be a factor when it comes to feeling lucky: 53 percent of Americans who reside in the West consider themselves lucky, followed by the South (43.1%), Northeast (39.3 %) and Midwest (35.9 %).

* When it comes to sharing the wealth, it appears romance is key. Americans over the age of 25 overwhelmingly agree that if they won a big cash prize and had to share it, their spouse or respective other would be in luck.

* Younger adults, aged 18 - 24, are more inclined to share their winnings with their parents.

Around the country and across all demographics, Americans agree - cash is king. Ninety-five percent of adults believe winning cash is better than any prize package, and the 2006 MONOPOLY game at McDonald's is giving customers just that.

Featuring millions of dollars in prizes, including the first-ever $5 million grand prize (payable over 20 years), this year's MONOPOLY game at McDonald's is bigger than ever. To play, guests can collect and win MONOPOLY game pieces on McDonald's Chicken Selects®, Premium Chicken Sandwiches and other popular menu items. Back by popular demand, McDonald's is offering additional prizes in the exciting MONOPOLY online game. Guests can visit and enter in the access code on the back of each game piece for more incredible prizes. For an inside look at recent MONOPOLY winners and to see just how far consumers will go to win big at McDonald's, visit

Since 2003, McDonald's has given away millions of dollars in cash and prizes through the MONOPOLY at McDonald's games, affecting the lives of consumers nationwide. For Marcia Schroeder, a previous $1 million winner of the MONOPOLY game at McDonald's, winning big has changed her life. "The money has given me the chance to soul search and pursue what truly makes me happy," said Marcia. "With money no longer a primary concern, I am now working with special needs children in the local school district and sharing my good fortune with family and friends - something I truly enjoy."

The MONOPOLY 2006 Game at McDonald's is open to legal residents of the United States, Canada, Guam, Saipan and American Samoa. No purchase necessary to play. Complete details and official game rules are available inside participating McDonald's restaurants or at The MONOPOLY at McDonald's game is based on Hasbro Inc.'s (NYSE: HAS) best-selling board game MONOPOLY, which is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro. MONOPOLY is #1 in family games with millions of games sold worldwide each year.

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1) Samuel, Neena and Joseph K. Vetter. "Uncommon Courtesy" Readers Digest July 2006

2) Bennett, Jessica. "Plastic Predicament" Newsweek Web Exclusive August 2006

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