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June 20, 2005 09:00 ET

2006 Storage Visions™ Conference Announces Call for Papers

Agenda Announced for New Conference Date: January 6 & 7, 2006

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 20, 2005 -- The Storage Visions conference, the only conference focusing on digital storage and the entertainment content value chain, announces its call for papers. Those wishing to submit papers can do so online at

The tentative agenda for the conference held January 6 & 7, 2006, in Las Vegas, during the 2006 International CES, as well as suggested speaking topics are given below:

Friday January 6, 2006:

  Keynote Speaker 1

  Storage and Content Creation, Editing and Distribution
   -- How much of historical content will be saved and how will we decide?
   -- What will be the impact of iSCSI, Serial SCSI and other new storage
      technologies on content creation and distribution applications?
   -- What are infrastructure requirements for 2010?

  Storage Analyst Session
   -- How will DRM issues enable or retard consumer electronics storage
   -- Will Apple continue to be a dominant player in CE growth?
   -- What will this industry be like in 5 years?

  Financial Analyst Session
   -- What are areas that VCs are investing in related to CE storage?
   -- What will the growth of storage in CE and entertainment do to the
      long-term profitability of storage companies?
   -- What is the effect of branding and DRM on CE and Entertainment
      storage growth?

  Conference Reception

Saturday January 7, 2006:

  Keynote Speaker 2 (Seagate Technology)

  Integration of Storage in CE Devices
   -- Storage is changing consumer electronics, how will CE change
   -- Will applications reside on storage devices or will storage
      functions migrate to the host?
   -- What are digital storage requirements for CE?

  Mobile CE Storage Products
   -- Will HDDs find a sizable niche in cell phones?
   -- When will flash memory displace HDDs in CE applications?
   -- Will HDDs or flash run out of gas and if so what would displace

  Lunch and Keynote Speaker 3

  Home Networking
   -- When and how will enterprise storage services move into the home?
   -- What transport will be used:  Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, coax,
      phone lines, power lines or Nikes?
   -- When will all CE storage be networked?

  Optical Storage
   -- How rapidly will next-generation DVD technology penetrate the
   -- Will holographic storage provide competition to other storage
The Board of Advisors for the 2006 Storage Visions Conference are: Steve Canepa (IBM), Nelson Chan (SanDisk), Tom Coughlin (Organizer), Ron Dennison (RDC), Peter Fasciano (Avid), Mark Gray (Kasenna), Jeff Joseph (CEA), Scott Kipp (Broadent), Stacey Lund (Maxtor), Dan Meaney (CCC), Jim McCoy (Consultant), Ken Morse (Scientific Atlanta), John Paulsen (Seagate), Jim Porter (Disk/trend), Clyde Smith (Turner Broadcast), David Takata (Engage Capital), and Dennis Waid (Peripheral Research).

2006 Storage Visions corporate sponsors include Seagate Technology (Platinum). M-Systems (Gold), Agere Systems, Atmel, and Toshiba (Silver), and Silicon Image (Bronze). Westworld Publishing, publisher of Computer Technology Review; RLTS;; Mass Storage News; Jobstor; SCSI Trade Association; Fibre Channel Industry Association; and Interactive Television Alliance are current media and organizational sponsors of the 2006 Storage Visions Conference.

People wishing to receive information on the 2006 conference or companies wishing to participate as sponsors and exhibitors at the 2006 conference should fill out the appropriate forms available on the conference web site: Interested parties can also call Storage Visions at 408-871-8808.

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