Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

November 22, 2007 12:39 ET

2007 Award Recipients Boost Ranks of World Petroleum Council Millennium Scholarships to 1,219 Winners

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 22, 2007) - This year 215 students from across Canada will be added to the ranks of WPC Millennium Scholarship winners and receive $3000 World Petroleum Council (WPC) Millennium Scholarships for the 2007-2008 academic year. They will also receive the gift of networking with the industry regarding their future careers. This may in the end prove to be a very valuable part of the award. WPC Millennium Scholarships are awarded annually to students who excel academically and are enrolled in post-secondary programs related to the petroleum industry.

As WPC Canadian Association Chairman David Boone says: "The Petroleum Industry is going through rapid expansion and tremendous growth. There is always a lot of churn in the industry, making it an exciting place to work. Yet employers don't know where to turn to pinpoint the new talent they need, talent with industry competence and interest."

That's where the WPC Millennium Scholarship program comes in, notes Norman Riddell, CEO of the Millennium Foundation, WPC's delivery partner:

"Parliament set up the Foundation to improve student access to universities and colleges across Canada. Because we deliver more than 100,000 needs-based bursaries each year we have developed national databases and considerable expertise in putting scholarship programs together. This means we can deliver the WPC program efficiently and at a low cost.

"The 49 universities, who participate in the WPC program, assess the academic merit of the students and propose them to the Foundation for approval of the awards. By working in partnership with the WPC program, universities ensure not only that the money goes to students in the right disciplines who need it to help finance their education, but also that the program helps students and industry get together in networking events."

Mr. Boone says that the industry "gets great diversity in the scholarship program, and this is very important to cracking the challenges that it will face in the future. But there are two things that all winners have in common - they have battled and overcome some form of adversity and persevered, and they are strong academic performers. They know their stuff and they are not afraid to pursue their dreams."

The WPC Millennium Scholarship was created four years ago through a $4.2 million endowment from the Canadian Association of the WPC. The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation manages the program, which provides support to students nominated by the 49 post-secondary institutions and links them to employment opportunities. By 2009, WPC Millennium Scholarships will help finance the educations of 1,650 new petroleum industry professionals.

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